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  1. This person is sending unsavoury links!

  2. Hello SweetNess.

    Don't give my star rating a second thought....I know I don't.

    Love you to pieces my Sistah of Da Surge.



  3. Come to look at your stars! Look on it like birthday candles..you can't always fit them on the cake, my five star friend!

  4. Alice,

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday because no one deserves it more than you.



  5. It's been a year Julie. Where R U?

  6. I can't find the new baby pics, did you remove them?

  7. (((((Alice)))) Thanks ever so much for your kind words for my BIL. You are such a sweet person and an AWESOME grandmother. I LOVE reading of your adventures you bring a smile to my face with every post. Hoping all is well in Alice-Ville. Much (((HUGS)))


  8. Hope you are feeling ok today.


  9. Oh, Alice, thanks for your kind words... Jessie is a very good photographer! ;-) I likewise love looking at your photos - have you any new ones of Will?

    Luv ya,


  10. Naughty you posting that link. I sat for an hour looking at those beautiful pix, including the one of you...instead of getting on with my work. She's really got some talent that gal of yours!

  11. You are a fabulous photographer you know!

  12. alice, thanks so much for sharing your experiences & for your support & suggestions. i so truly appreciate it.



  13. Alice,

    Thank you for your kind thoughts... I spent a long night experiencing adrenaline "waves" - hate to be back to that. But an opportunity to "practice" my Claire Weekes techniques. I pray for the day when I don't have these bouts, and of course, worry that they will never stop coming... It helps a lot to have dear friends. Thank you, Alice..


  14. Sending you love and hugs and hope you'll soon feel your new self again.

  15. Cheffie...where are you?

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