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  1. Career Girl,

    So good to know you are doing so good, so good to hear from you staying busy is the essence of life doesnt let our crazy brains toy with us,

    Much Love


  2. Hey Tinks! Good to hear from you. I don't come on PS much, anymore. I hope you are doing well and enjoying life. I know I sure am. Lots going on at my house but it's all good stuff. I have gotten back into watercolor painting, and am taking all day workshops. Life is good. xoxo Susan C

  3. Hiya Susan,

    I was just thinking about you havent heard from you for a long time. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for all your wise words they are kicking in now, lol took a while.

    God bless you always


  4. Hiya Susan,

    Thank you again for leaving me a Birthday greeting ha ha hey whats up with the 1910 birthday date just read titalwaves comment, lol.

    God bless you


  5. Happy Birthday, Tinks! I know I am a day late and a dollar short...that's me...LOL. I hope your birthday was fabulous and that this next year will be filled with fun. xoxo SusanC

  6. Hi Susan! :) Thanks for dropping by and saying Hi! That brought a smile to me. Nice to hear from you on here too! I don't get on here either anymore hardly but I should get on more but don't have much time to. Hope you're doing well! I'm doing fine, just busy with work and stuff. Huge hugs to you too! Love ya, Karen

  7. Hi Susan! :) Thanks for dropping by my page on here , saying Hi! That brought a smile to me. I don't get on here often either anymore, just not and then. Just don't have time hardly to keep up with much online cept Facebook and a few emails. But need to get back here and read too some. Huge hugs back to you! Love, Karen

  8. Hi there Susie!! Thanks for your message! I have been thinking about you lately-- I just recommended PS to a friend who is in peri and told her of my wonderful friends like you who are here! I am doing GREAT-- I now have 3 beautiful grandchildren. I hope you are doing well, and thank you so much for thinking of me! Love and hugs, Mary Jo

  9. Hay GF! How are you doing? I don't get on here very much anymore but I thought of you and wanted to say hi and huge big hugs going out to you!!

    XOXO Suie

  10. Miss you, MJ! I hope you are doing great.

    XO Susie

  11. ((((Dearest)))) Alice, Am thinking about you today. Doing a gratitude fly by~ Gratitude for this wonderful site that you started and gratitude for all of the great friends I have made over the years.

    XOXO SusanC

  12. Where are you? I hope you come online soon.

  13. Hi there Susan!! How sweet of you to leave a comment on my page-- I'm just so sorry I've taken so long to respond!! I am doing absolutely great-- and how are you doing? I really should come on the PS boards more often and check in with my friends! Love to you-- I hope your family (human and furry) is doing very well too! Love you!

    Mary Jo

  14. HI Pretty lady,

    There's just certain people you miss in this life, and you are one of them. I am just having a very hard time, susan, and I have been withdrawing. sorry we haven't spoken, exchanged messages in quite sometime. I am hoping that I snap out of this real soon.



    I hope your life is going great!

  15. Happy Birthday Kim!!

    I hope you have a wonderful day....


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