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  1. Hi Arla! Thank you very much for the happy birthday wishes. You're always so kind, thinking of others. Hugs for you! RedFox

  2. Happy Birthday Redfox, hope the year ahead is wonderful for you.



  3. Hi Red, just thinking of you. I hope you're feeling the comfort of your friends and family right now. (((Red)))

  4. Hey Bev, you sweetie! Thanks for the birthday wishes. You're so kind to think of me!

  5. Hi Arla! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. You're so sweet to think of me!

  6. Hey Terry! Thanks for the birthday wishes. You're so thoughtful!

  7. red fox happy belated birthday. hugs terry

  8. Redfox, Hope you've had a wonderful birthday. (((((Hugs))))),



  10. Hi Redfox,

    Just thought I would send you a hello..

    God Bless and Happy B-day


  11. Good morning, Tara, just thought I'd drop by to wish you a good day! Hugs, RedFox

  12. Hey Careergrl! Thanks for your sweet compliment on my hair. I have a feeling I'll be doing as you do, bounce back and forth between shoulder-length and chin-length. I've already decided I want it at least one inch longer, haha!

  13. Red...I'm doing a little flyby today. Your hair looks very nice and I sure do envy the curl you have. You will adjust in time to the shorter do...it takes time. I do know, as I go from shoulder length back to chin length back to shoulder length...I get bored with the same hairstyle all the time :)



  14. Hi Puddock, welcome to Power Surge! Hugs, RedFox

  15. Thanks Red! I've been doing the same thing! I'm at work, but when I have time I'm running around clicking stars HAHA! It's so silly.. I never even noticed it until JJ brought it up, now I'm obsessed making sure everyone has plenty of stars :-) I need a life! haha!

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