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    October 2013: I've missed you all and think of you often. Hope to chat with you soon. Hugs! xoxox
  1. Hi Girls Nice to see you all.... :)

  2. Hi Girls Nice to see you all.... :)

  3. hey r/c.

    what's groovin'?

    hope all is well with you--miss ya!

    oodles of hugs


  4. Hello sweetheart, my thoughts are with u, hugs.

  5. Just saw your post - it's funny, I havent' looked for a few days, but mine wasn't even a blip o the radar.

    Happy New Year, Leanne! I know....I day early

  6. Merry Christmas Everyone, I love you all.

  7. thinking of you & sending much love your way today & always.




  8. Hi Stitch,

    Been a long time since we chatted.

    I think of you and you are in my prayers every day.

    Plus I love ya and

    Wishing you smiles and good things. (((HUGS))) ~MB

  9. Floater -

    Love you LOTS, hope you are not yet a popsicle and wishing you and your beautiful family a Great Christmas.

    Wishing you much success with everything in 2011!



  10. Suz, Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. The world is a better place with you in it, and all you do.

    Lots and Lots of Love,


  11. Leanne.....

    I know I messed up which day was your birthday for the 1st time this year so I'm stopping by early lol Hoping you have a great Christmas.

    HUGS! N Hearts.


  12. epdp2 - Many, Many Hugs!

    All I want for Christmas is for your to be Happy.

    Oh......and maybe some Oars :)

    I Heart you.


  13. My Dear Char,

    I love you.

    Hoping you have a beautiful Holiday Season. XOX,


  14. Hi Binsky,


    Thinkin of you.


  15. Hi, Meno Stuff!

    Sorry I have not been around! Busy bee :)

    Just dropping by to give ya Holiday HUGS!! LOVE ya!

    Mary Beth

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