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  1. Look near the top of each page, in the middle, where it says Problems? Click Here Click on that to send an email to Tech Support. ? As far as I know, that's the only way to stop the email notifications.
  2. Is there an online ordering form for Revival now? I've only ordered it by phone (1.800.700.1560). Maybe you might want to call them, instead. Sometimes, talking to a live person helps.
  3. I can't believe how fast the newest boards are growing! ?It's so wonderful that so many women are finding Power Surge
  4. I have never used this option, but could you be getting a new email whenever someone else posts in a particular thread? Some threads have several new posts a day.
  5. Wildflowers, it should look just like it does when you go in for the regular Wed weight chats or Thursday night chats.
  6. Just like you posted the reply to Dearest's post First, find the area that you're interested in. To respond to a post, look at the left side of the posts. At the top and bottom left there will be the words "- Post Reply -" Click on those words and a new text box will appear. Type what you want in that box and push the "Submit" button below. If you prefer, you can quote someone else's post in your reply. This is a good idea if you're responding to a post from a while ago. Sometimes, the topic has a way of changing as more people reply! To quote, look for the little "Quote" icon at the
  7. Those snowflakes are terrific! I love the music, too, but I think that the flakes are so cool no pun intended
  8. I can't agree with you more, Sylvry. ?I'm always amazed at the things that Dearest comes up with - and thankful for them all.As you may have noticed
  9. The page that Dearest is on is this one: http://www.forbes.com/best/2001/0625/026_2.html ? but the whole article, Use With Care, starts here: http://www.forbes.com/static_html/bow_0625/
  10. Absolutely, thanks, Dearest! I can't imagine how much time and effort you spent trying to fix this problem. Sometimes these things are like a giant jigsaw puzzle, but we don't get all the pieces. If it weren't for you, I'd never even be able to get the puzzle out of the box, so thanks for that, too Hopefully, you won't need to spend anymore days doing maintainence things like this!
  11. You do it the same as quoting the whole message. ?Take out the parts that you don't want. ? Just be sure to leave the code that says "quote" and "/quote" plus the brackets "[" and "]" around them as they are when the new text box comes up.
  12. Wow! Thanks, Dearest, for keeping us informed, even of non-meno items like this. I think that we have some of these in our medicine closet, I'm going to check and toss
  13. Dearest posted about this a couple days ago. She said... "If you've signed up for E.mail notification each time someone responds to a particular thread on a board and you've changed your mind and decide you no longer wish to receive E.mail notifications, go to the board, click on the topic and in the upper righthand corner (beneath "Email to a friend" and "Printable Version") you will see Unsubscribe from Topic. If you click "Unsubscribe from Topic," on that link, you will no longer receive E.mail notifications for that thread."
  14. Hi, Jean Ann! You just did this post right I would imagine that the Board Administrator moved your original post into the Introduce Yourself set of posts. You can find those by clicking here. Your introduction is on the third page, near the bottom right now. In answer to your question in another post, yes, there are live chats every Thursday night. There's often a guest for those chats. The information is posted here and in the Power Surge Newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here. The "closed" topics have usually been moved to the appropriate folders so peopl
  15. I got my copy!!! ?They have them (here, anyway) at Borders Books. It was well worth the wait and going to check on availability several times. I'll bet you're so excited, Dearest ?Maybe you could put up a new poll for this, see how many women found Power Surge for the first time through Forbes. WooooooHoooooo
  16. What wonderful pictures, Dearest You must be so proud! That's so neat that they put you on the Table of Contents page, too - on top of all those men! I know you've been in lots of books (and magazines?) before, but I this one is really cool. It's such a "mainstream" magazine, it's the bigtime. Thanks for creating such a wonderful place for us - and making us all so proud of you!
  17. I know that I answered the part about the transcripts before. It's possible that someone just turned off the Java on your computer. What version of Internet Explorer or Netscape are you running? (Or something else?) I know that it supposedly runs better with IE, but I always use Netscape with no trouble at all. If you're running an older copy of a browser, all it might take is downloading (FREE!) a newer copy with Java running. If it's a newer version already, it's probably just turned off or never enabled.
  18. Dearest has provided all the transcripts of us over the years. ?You can read them all when you click here for the Guest Interviews
  19. Barbie, if you had never been in a chat before, you wouldn't have to type a password in at all. ?So, any password that you would have used would have been "wrong" because the chat software expected a blank there. However, and this is a BIG however...with a community as big as Power Surge, someone else may have already registered the name Barbie so that they, and they alone, could use that name. ?They would have a password for that name and they would be "Barbie" whenever they logged in with the correct name/password combo. Next time you want to go to the chat - or you can try now, if you wan
  20. Click on the blue words that say Emoticons are enabled on the left and a popup window gives you the code to use. Usually, they involve a colon at the start or start and end. you can make spiffy things like... :biggrin::cheesy::confused::sad: and:shocked:
  21. Very near the top, there's a feature that says Check For New Messages. ?That will bring up the new posts since you were here last.
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