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  1. Click here to search just the message boards For others, to search the rest of the site, go to the Power Surge Search
  2. Did you download the "Java Client" before you tried to go in? That's an important file and it makes the chats run well. The HTML version doesn't seem to work nearly as well.
  3. Cabo, did you download the JavaClient before you logged in? Besides that, you should be sure to choose the java chat (not the html version) Purging your cache often helps, too, as well as rebooting the computer before the chat to be sure you have enough memory. If you don't know how to purge your cache, Dearest has info about that in this same area in a post called: Purging Your Cache Best of luck to you - the chats are great and I hate for people to miss them
  4. I'm sorry you missed it, Kleeo - it was a really nice chat, celebrating a wonderful website and the woman behind it all
  5. Sorry you had troubles, Kleeo - did you do like Dearest suggested and purge your cache? That really helps the chatroom and all kinds of online things.
  6. The transcript, along with the others, should be up in the Power Surge Guest Transcript Library soon. It takes quite a bit of cleaning up and html-code adding to get the transcripts ready for the web. Dearest has been spending a lot of time lately caring for her Mom, so this transcript may be taking a bit longer than usual. It should be up soon, though.
  7. Darling, if you haven't done so already, you can write a review of Power Surge by clicking here. It just takes a minute and you'll help spread the word even further around the internet! You're right - Power Surge is Tops!
  8. I have a cable modem, too, but no problems with the addition of the music. That's only on the first page, so after you get into one of the topics, the original speed should return. Since it's holiday music, I would imagine that it's not going to be here much longer.
  9. I'm not sure why you'd want to do that Gez, because you won't be able to read, post, or participate in the InstaChat anymore. These boards are not a "subscription". If you don't want to participate, just stop posting and logging in. If you subscribed to a particular message on here, you can stop that yourself in your control panel.
  10. Have you rebooted your computer, or cleared out your cookies since you made the changes? Doing either or both of those - or clearing out your Internet Temp files could help, too. Dearest has posted info about this at Purging Your Cache. That helps a lot of computer problems. My time, same time zone as yours, works just fine.
  11. Joyous, you can also look near the very top of the board. Just under the Power Surge Message Boad logo, there's a line that reads: Member List | Search | FAQ | Today's Posts | Stats | Problems? | Select Avatar If you click on the one that says "Today's Posts" you'll get links to the ones from today.
  12. Isn't this the same as always? If you're posting a response, you should be able to scroll down, as always, and all the responses are there, in reverse order. If you're talking about posting a new topic and looking at the previous messages, you'd have to have 2 different browser windows open. Maybe I misunderstood your question
  13. I think you can start here. I would imagine that Dearest was letting us know that, with her post, we were discussing these new boards
  14. For me, the font looks the same size as always. If you're using Internet Explorer, you can click on View (near the top, on the menu bar of Internet Explorer) , then text size, then change it to a larger font. I'm sure that other browsers have similar ways to make the fontsize larger or smaller.
  15. I'm sure that this was a LOT of work, but the boards look fantastic. Something new to learn all over again. Thanks for this, and all the hard work that you do, Dearest
  16. That would happen if you've shut down your computer inbetween log-in times, or if you cleared out your cookies.
  17. Jennimarie, my prayers go with you. Like Dearest said, attitude is half the battle - and you've got a great attitude going for you.Please keep us posted, and best wishes
  18. Congratulations, Dearest and everyone involved with Power Surge! The tenth year - that's so fantastic. ?I wonder, Dearest, if you'd have known that this would have grown so huge, involving so much of your time (and money?) would you have still done it? ?Or maybe had Power Surge on a smaller scale. These days, it's tough to keep anything going for 10 years. ?Power Surge is not only going, but going strong - getting bigger and better every year. Wow! ?What a wonderful service you have done for women everywhere. ?I know what a lifesaver Power Surge was to me when I was starting out. ?I'm su
  19. Gee, I'm turning into the Power Surge PostScript!
  20. JR, you should be able to click on the icon that says "Email" right above Lolly's post. That will open up an email form for you to use. Her address is also in her profile
  21. I'm everywhere LOL. I don't always post everywhere, but I think I read all the posts, just in case
  22. Thanks, Dearest. I don't know if I can read this just yet, but it's nice to know it's there for when I'm "ready"
  23. Thanks, Dearest. It's so helpful to have others to talk with "live" right now It helps me feel less alone, and able to share the sadness with others.
  24. Oh no! It was working last night just fine. Good luck resolving this...and thanks
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