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  1. May 2 in Music History https://t.co/yo5J86vY5W

  2. May 1 in Music History https://t.co/K8fqvSolk2 https://t.co/bsHVSB1FJe

  3. April 30 in Music History https://t.co/JrGjsGMcc4

  4. National Bugs Bunny Day https://t.co/BjHYnOtdps https://t.co/gWcmrqnBdT

  5. April 29 in Music History https://t.co/LTwjhysMF9

  6. April 28 in Music History https://t.co/wC46H7sVTf

  7. April 27 in Music History https://t.co/LoUgwH6DKC

  8. April 26 in Music History https://t.co/DsmuZ6IGPw

  9. April 24 in Music History https://t.co/nYXbUq23Vs

  10. April 19 in Music History https://t.co/vilNA8JwYX

  11. April 17 in Music History https://t.co/Phfq766r3k

  12. I see there are posts that need to be moderated and PMs that need to be answered. I haven't been online much lately because my Mom fell a bit ago and broke her pelvis in 2 places. Then, they found bleeding in her abdomen and took her from Fair Oaks to Fairfax Hospital for possible emergency surgery. They did a new scan at Fairfax and found that the bleeding had stopped or slowed considerably so they decided to hold off on surgery until the morning. That the bleeding was stopped so no surgery would be required at this time. There was extensive rehab plus more internal ble
  13. April 14 in Music History https://t.co/QqpkhB785p

  14. April 13 in Music History https://t.co/XblBEclEBe

  15. April 12 in Music History https://t.co/OpyUWBcfU0

  16. April 11 in Music History https://t.co/V8yDiOHLep https://t.co/f8QFlmeelg

  17. Barbershop Quartet Day! https://t.co/VaIHADpU0g https://t.co/UJ9eeUBBsF

  18. April 10 in Music History https://t.co/eBrz6xHFaA

  19. April 9 in Music History https://t.co/rAGGqMxkMd

  20. Lego beats :) https://t.co/lVitIu1u2Y

  21. April 7 in Music History https://t.co/4FioFuJXJA

  22. Since it’s Tartan Day: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Scotland https://t.co/rHR5ncdX3A https://t.co/cgm3hTpS4c

  23. April 6 is National Tartan Day https://t.co/EZhtvc14xO https://t.co/QQeD0MqOdA

  24. April 5 in Music History https://t.co/fcvO9agEzk

  25. There's always time to practice! https://t.co/d1CbBf7W5u

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