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  1. PS has literally changed my life. It has comforted me in my darkest, scariest days. I have learned that I am not alone with my problems. I have made the best friends I have ever had here. Thank you, again, always, for this special haven, Dearest. You have been a miracle in my life, and I'm sure in many others. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! You're a true lifesaver.

  2. I would guess that Dearest and VJ aren't completely finished with the cosmetic things yet. They were up most of the night just getting the basics done. Fortunately, they didn't keep the boards closed until the upgrade was complete so we get to see the boards change before our very eyes! Thanks for all your hard word (Always!) Dearest and VJ.
  3. There's a new topic button at the far right at the top and bottom of most threads - looks like this: Not all areas have that because you can't start new topics everywhere
  4. I use Firefox and I have a "New Posts" link. It's on the line that reads: Logged in as: MaryO ( Log Out ) ? My Blog ? My Controls ? View New Posts ? My Assistant ? 0 New Messages
  5. DCamp, these need to be the square brackets, not the curly ones i.e. this [ not { If you do the same thing you did, but with the square brackets (my square brackets are just the lower case version of the curly ones on the keyboard) it will work fine.
  6. To set the size of the cache or to clear (purge) it: 1. Select Tools > OptionsEdit > PreferencesFirefox > Preferences. 2. Open the Privacy panel and click the Cache tab. 3. Enter a number in the Use up to field to specify the size of the cache. 50MB to 70MB is a good size. To clear the cache immediately, click the Clear Cache Now button at the bottom of the Cache tab. When you exit out of Firefox, it performs cache maintenance automatically. If that takes too long, reduce the size of the disk cache.
  7. Dearest knows and she's fixed it already. Read her posts above.
  8. I also opened mine. No virus, nothing to download. Which I wouldn't have, anyway. I never download anything from email, even if I know the person who sent it, unless I have confirmed with that person that they actually sent something. It is very easy for hackers and spammers to send out something using the name of someone you regularly get email from, as many of you saw yesterday. In any event, I opened the email, no problems here.
  9. Lisa, the thread isn't gone, it's just sunk down on the list. Whenever someone posts in a thread, it moves it back to the top of the list. If you look in the bigger topic An Open Menopause Journal you'll see it on the list. As I type this, the thread called disappointing gyno visit has had a more recent response, so that's at the top of the list at the moment. When you, or someone else, responds to What's your symptom today? it will move back up to the top.
  10. Try clearing out your cookies and temporary files to be sure you're not viewing yesterday's board when the PMs weren't working. Thanks, Dearest!
  11. Tots, it shouldn't have anything to do with Java. That's for interactive things like the chatroom. Do you know that there are 3 (last I looked) sets of avatars? One is called Base Gallery, another is IPB COmmunity Pack and one is Smiley Avatars. Click on the little "down arrow" (looks like a "v") to see the galleries. Highlight the one you want to look at, then click the "Go" button. You'll see images from that chosen gallery. To see another gallery, just choose again from that list. When you see an avatar you want, click the little circle near it and click Use Selected Avata
  12. Firefox is the name of the internet browser you must be using. Other choices are Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL's own browser, Ppera, Safari and probably others. I'm not sure why the avatars should show in one browser and not another, though. If you're not seeing the new ones, you could contact us at: http://www.power-surge.com/php/contactUs.php3 for more help.
  13. Shelley, you already have an avatar so you're "playing". Certainly some people will have to use the same avatars as others. I'm sure that there isn't space to store over 23,000 images on this server so that everyone could have a private avatar. Change and choices are always nice, though. Thanks, Dearest for always updating the site and adding new features
  14. Julie, the easiest way is to go into your Control Panel (less steps than going through your Blog). That's the one that in the row that says: My Blog ? My Controls ? View New Posts ? My Assistant ? 0 New Messages On the left side, click on Your Blog Settings under Community Blog Scroll to the very bottom and you'll see Approve comments posted on your blog? Use the little arrow at the right to change the default from Approve guests comments only to No approve. Then they'll show up. You may have to manually approve any comments that have already been made, though.
  15. Julie, you didn't do anything wrong. In the number of comments area, the number is currently zero, so that's why there is nothing showing. If someone said that they posted a comment but it isn't there, maybe they did something wrong - not you. If you saw that you had comments but they aren't there now, that's a good question for tech support. Did you set up your blog so that no one could comment, that it was read only?
  16. You're right, Julie - Dearest is the BEST... but I didn't give her that new name. "Dearest Dances With Words" is the name that she calls her new blog
  17. Thanks, again Dearest... or should I call you by your new name Dearest Dances With Words?
  18. This happens when the Insta-Chat at the bottom of the page is refreshing. It refreshes (reloads) whenever someone posts something in the Insta-chat, so the more "talking" the more it refreshes. When the Insta-Chat refreshes, it prevents the back button on the page you're reading from working at that time. If there are people chatting in there, I just scroll back up near the top of the boards and use the links there.
  19. What a great idea - thanks for doing this for us, Dearest I think that this will be a lot of fun and a place to keep track of our own thoughts in a more private way.
  20. Angel, you need to be sure that your Internet Options are set to allow cookies. Cookies will also allow you to see which boards have new posts and which haven't and easily find all the newest posts since your last visit. How to Enable Cookies To enable cookies, follow the instructions below for the browser version you are using. Mozilla Firefox (1.0 final release and earlier) Go to the "Tools" menu. Select "Options". Select the "Privacy" icon in the left panel. Check the box corresponding to "Allow sites to set cookies". Click "OK" to save changes. Netscape 7.1/Mozilla 5.0 Sele
  21. I don't know much about PMs since I rarely send, or get, them but I'm so sorry that this is causing you more work, especially now when you've been in so much pain for so long. Unbelievable that the hosting company would do that without notification, and asking the customers if this is even what they want. Maybe, if they'd told people in advance, some people would have moved their sites before the "upgrade". (((Dearest))) I hope that this is fairly easily solved and you can continue to heal without outside aggravation.
  22. Dearest posted this message here: Board / Site, Chat Room Info, Questions, Problems
  23. Yes, you need to be registered with Amazon to post a review but if you've ever bought anything from them, you can use that name and password.
  24. RSGreen, I believe that it's related to the message that Dearest posted earlier, quoted below. A new person came in, sent a lot of PMs and crashed the boards. As a result, people can't use the PM system until they've proved that they really belong here by posting some number of times - and not just here to try to do evil things like spreading viruses and bring the site down. Dearest has fixed this so that new people can PM and be PM'd again.
  25. That's what it's supposed to do. Not give anyone the creeps, but pop up when someone goes to a new page. It disappeared after 10 seconds.
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