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  1. When the boards are cleaned up, they will be updated to the newest version. During the update, you may get a message that the boards are closed temporarily. I'll try to make that as quick as possible. There will also be a new "skin", a bit darker than this one.
  2. Dianne, there is a Power Surge section at http://cushings.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/317-power-surge-members/ You have to be logged in to see it, though. I hope to have this board cleaned up within a week or so.
  3. Thanks so much, Ms. Could I please post the quoted part of your post here: http://power-surge.co/category/in-memory/ I'm trying to construct a nice memorial section for her. Thanks!
  4. Annie, the boards are not going away. I am working very hard to remove Google's malware message. It may take a while but it WILL get done. You're not going to lose anyone here.
  5. I doubt that will be tomorrow. I have to ferret 21 items out of all those thousands of posts. I may set up identical forums, then when all the malware is gone, move the new posts back into the original forums.
  6. You're so welcome, Wildflowers. I loved Alice and I want to keep her legacy alive as best I can.
  7. I have narrowed the malware down to 21 posts in the Board Discussion area. So, I have hidden that area for now. Hopefully Google can't find it! In the meantime, several forums are unavailable but hopefully the malware message will be gone by tomorrow.
  8. You cannot find the Facebook page. It's a secret group. To join, you need to be either a friend of mine on FB or share your email address with me so that I can send you an invite. If you join the Cushing's board, described above, that's more private than this board is.
  9. Hmm, it should be the same as joining here but I'll look into that. I know that other people join every day. Maybe I should just link to the main boards first. Sign up here: http://cushings.invisionzone.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register Then, the Power Surge members area is at the bottom of the top Welcome section. It's not a sure thing that these boards are going away. It depends on the malware cleanup. If the cleanup is successful, I will most likely be asking for donations. I can't afford the whole thing myself.
  10. Thanks, Jes. Ideally, IF I can get rid of the malware, I would like to try to get donations and keep everything going as it is. Supposedly, Alice's tech support person is going to do that but I haven't heard from him since Wednesday.
  11. My best friend in the world, my "sister", Alice/Dearest died about 6 weeks ago. We were friends for nearly as long as PS existed and we talked on the phone about every other day for 2-3 hours. Her daughters gave me Power Surge. I can't deal with the malware warnings (and the monthly cost!) and that's why I'm moving as much as I can onto that new blog. I'd hate to see all her years of work go to waste. When I first logged on to the website back-end, on Wednesday, the site was already unpaid for 2 weeks. Two more and it would have been completely gone. If that malware message c
  12. Catlady, you might need to post a few times before you can edit your profile. I know it's like that on other boards I'm on.
  13. After you post more times, you'll be able to access these features.
  14. Puffin, you probably need to post a few more times before you can edit your profile.
  15. Many thanks to Dearest and Bijay for bringing the Insta-Chat back. I'm sure that lots of people will be very happy to start using it again
  16. Meryl, I was so glad to see your name online - how are you? Seems like forever since we talked last!

  17. And also, if people are writing things on your comments page...
  18. Someone on the boards make you angry? Never see them again! You can fix it so you never have to see their posts again! Just go to My Control Panel [in the same row as Logged in as: Your Name ( Log Out )] Under Options: Click on Manage Ignored Users This section allows you to set up your ignored users list. When you add a user to your ignore list, any posts they make will be masked until you specify that you wish to read them. Getting unwanted PMs, too? Stop those from coming here: Go back to to My Control Panel [in the same row as Logged in as: Your Name
  19. I was able to post a new blog post - it doesn't say anything except test but it's there: http://www.power-surge.com/php/forums/inde...;showentry=2469 I see what it is - the blogs go up through 2009 so new ones default to 2006. I'm guessing this is a problem with the blog software itself and they'll have to do a fix for all sites that use it. Just a guess, though. When that's fixed, you can go back to your "2006" entries and change the date
  20. The ones at the bottom show up near the date on your post:
  21. Do you know who they came from? Dearest can't read anyone's PMs (and wouldn't possibly have the time). There's no way to delete these PMs without knowing who sent them. If it was from several days ago, chances are the person(s) is gone already.
  22. I think that some bot was posting all those messages to be able to bypass the new PM restrictions. I would guess that just posting that many things in a few minutes would slow things down a bit. The board seems to be running at normal speed for me now. Those posts have all been removed.
  23. Good guess, Squiggle! It's always sad when a few morons ruin things for everyone
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