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  1. December 25 ~ This Day in Music History https://t.co/g8SqjInpcb https://t.co/GMbJrbTjHj

  2. Christmas Music: Hallelujah Chorus https://t.co/vqaAsU6d55 https://t.co/0wIeNoODCD

  3. Have a Merry, Musical Christmas https://t.co/6qgKyOUM2h https://t.co/FvQcsCSjQF

  4. Merry Christmas! https://t.co/t2JO6kgo62 https://t.co/zWirBuNYVY

  5. December 24 ~ This Day in Music History https://t.co/MLgy1S8kJn

  6. RT @PenderUMC: Join us for Christmas Eve at #PenderUMC in #FairfaxVA starting at 10:00 this morning! https://t.co/X04TcNO9Es

  7. RT @lifehacker: This holiday party playlist will keep the music going during your many parties this season: https://t.co/eIQ9hWJYQJ https:/…

  8. Christmas Music: O Holy Night https://t.co/LyBMruI6XG

  9. December 23 ~ This Day in Music History https://t.co/Fh7lAh817q

  10. RT @WIRED: Do you know what Alexa and Google Home does with your data? Here's how to control it: https://t.co/iG8x6C7DCw https://t.co/jpzCN…

  11. Exposure to music... https://t.co/FYglpd2O6C

  12. December 22 ~ This Day in Music History https://t.co/8NiJvWszPh

  13. Christmas Music: Gesù Bambino https://t.co/GvrEQtsyei https://t.co/S7puKzqpxE

  14. December 21 ~ This Day in Music History https://t.co/n0VE1WcwCw

  15. December 20 ~ This Day in Music History https://t.co/ztGMXxyWkU https://t.co/TUvHws93Ny

  16. Christmas Music: Johnny Marks https://t.co/OOJ5yxMQRY

  17. Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture - with paper bags instead of cannons! https://t.co/0a3xmAXWS3

  18. Will You Be Going to the Circus This Spring? https://t.co/x3sNZBoDZo https://t.co/v5IMSVmYgP

  19. "Good King Wenceslas" is a popular Christmas carol that tells a story of Good King Wenceslas braving harsh... https://t.co/vKCvWwTRhG

  20. The Piano Guys - Hear the sound of an entire choir and bell ringers combine Joy to the World & Beethoven's Ode... https://t.co/L9oltaRqDn

  21. Christmas Music: Good King Wenceslas https://t.co/iIw0pFfvP0 https://t.co/9S99WREmUe

  22. December 16 ~ This Day in Music History https://t.co/C2eOTgnuQA https://t.co/NJlhOn4JsP

  23. If composers had Facebook: Beethoven https://t.co/w0qYZPg0nw https://t.co/xUzHXAUzRL

  24. Christmas Music: We Three Kings https://t.co/vGqGe5doRA https://t.co/yuMLtqi7D8

  25. December 15 ~ This Day in Music History https://t.co/L5uPEUPjJe https://t.co/PA0FK7tg1Y

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