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  1. Ah, I should have come back and checked this thread sooner.

    Since I posted that, DH has finished with daily radiation and had 16 radioactive seeds injected around the perimeter of his prostate.  Hopefully, that keeps the cancer at bay for a long while.

    My mom is doing better but is now in kidney failure - only 3 stages out of 4.  At last check, her creatinine levels were too high and the doctor was concerned about possible dialysis in her future.

    Thank you, everyone, for your prayers!  

    On the bright side, our son is getting married in October so I got to get a pretty dress :)

  2. I see there are posts that need to be moderated and PMs that need to be answered.

    I haven't been online much lately because my Mom fell a bit ago and broke her pelvis in 2 places. 

    Then, they found bleeding in her abdomen and took her from Fair Oaks to Fairfax Hospital for possible emergency surgery. They did a new scan at Fairfax and found that the bleeding had stopped or slowed considerably so they decided to hold off on surgery until the morning.  

    That the bleeding was stopped so no surgery would be required at this time.

    There was extensive rehab plus more internal bleeding and back to the hospital.

    Her condition keeps changing and I'm not sure how that will affect my life on any given day. 

    She's home now but then my DH was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He's had lots of scans, biopsies, doctor appointments. His cancer is too big/advanced for surgery so in an hour, we meet with a new doctor, a Radiation Oncologist.



  3. When I get a moment to breathe, I'll check out some other donation options. I think I saved about 7-8 possible places.


    Just as soon as the boards were moved successfully and this settled down, I had some issues arise with my "real" job so I've been concentrating on that a bit more lately.


    Always something!


    Thanks for asking, Lady V :)

  4. I can link to the message boards on the current front page of Power Surge.


    Yesterday was a terrible day, dismantling the whole rest of the website, deleting, saving stuff to my own hard drive for use later on power-surge.co and putting together a new front page, communicating with Invision (the authors of this software), getting people into the FB group - in addition to some other stuff going on in my life.


    I didn't link to the boards yesterday because I figure people who knew where they were, already knew. At this moment, it's not a good idea to take on a lot of new members while things are being packed up for a possible move. I hadn't considered that current members might have lost the link. I'll do that today.


    It was nearly like Alice had died all over again for me.

  5. Having a rough day for the first time in a while. So, I decided to check in on Power-surge, only to find it gone. So saddened to see that. Somehow, I found this forum site tonight. I hope there is a way to keep a message board of some type going. It was always so helpful to read from others going through similar things. All of the specific categories made it 100% better than other message boards out there.

    Power Surge isn't gone - we're still here :)

  6. The message board hosting people got back to me...



    Yes, that should be possible.

    From the quick look I had of the forum, it appears to be reasonably busy, and 40 or so people are visiting it right now.

    Our hosting packages are based on the average number of visitors, sampled every 15 minutes and averaged over two days, so a temporary spike in visitors won't matter; the average does.

    If what I saw was a good average, our Plus 40 package would work.

    And we do offer a free transfer to our hosting, yes, so we'd be able to move it here as long as we are provided with FTP access, and SSH or phpMyAdmin access to make a database backup.

    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Thank you.

  7. It occurs to me that since I removed what they wanted removed, maybe the boards can stay. It still might be better on their server since they would do automatic upgrades.


    I'll see what the Invisionboard folks come back with.




    I had so many other things planned to do today than dismantling a website.

  8. I got a phone call from Alice (Dearest's) daughter today. The family would like me to shut down Power Surge.

    The main site is virtually gone as of this afternoon. I asked her for a week to get everyone on the message boards prepared for this.

    We still have a secret board on Facebook. If anyone wants to join that, please let me know your email and I'll let you in.

    There is also an open group on FB at https://www.facebook.com/groups/355396567848457/

    When I thought that these boards might be gone last September, I set up a private board on my own forum at http://cushings.invisionzone.com/ if anyone is interested in those.

    I am very torn up about this. Alice and I were friends for so long and we worked so hard together on this. I guess, in my mind, I was trying to keep her "alive" by keeping this going.

    I am very sorry :(

  9. JoJo, I posted information about donating on the donations board.


    It said I have decided to use WePay - https://www.wepay.com/donations/please-help-keep-power-surge-running for donations because they will show the total amount of donations at all times and the donor names, although you choose to be anonymous.

    Each month, we will need $99 for the website; every 6 months, $35 for the boards or $1,258 for the year. I have put up the goal amount as $1,258 so that we can keep this same campaign for a year (until September 2014), rather than making a new page each month.

    The fees that WePay takes:

    Invoices and API Payments

    Credit card payments: 2.9% + 30¢

    Bank account (ACH) payments: 1% +30¢

    There are no other fees to use WePay. No monthly fees, no additional fees, no hidden fees.

    Thank you so much to any of you who will help keep Dearest's information and legacy alive.


    However, if you or anyone wants to send a check, let me know and I'll give you my address. I don't want to post that publicly, though.

    It was suggested that I get a post office box. I may do that but I tried it in the past with my "real" group and it was too depressing to go and find it empty - so I stopped going. The charges kept piling on, though!

    Thanks for asking!

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