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  1. This site is still active, as is the Facebook "branch". If you're on FB, that group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/Surgettes/
  2. Hello


    Could you please approve my facebook request to join the power surge group?  I'd greatly appreciate it.


    Thank you

    1. MaryO


      Done - thanks for letting me know the request was there :)

    2. Alwaysnormal
    3. MaryO


      You're very welcome!

  3. Hello, I wonder if you could approve my Facebook community request please? Thank you so much. 

  4. Ah, I should have come back and checked this thread sooner. Since I posted that, DH has finished with daily radiation and had 16 radioactive seeds injected around the perimeter of his prostate. Hopefully, that keeps the cancer at bay for a long while. My mom is doing better but is now in kidney failure - only 3 stages out of 4. At last check, her creatinine levels were too high and the doctor was concerned about possible dialysis in her future. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers! On the bright side, our son is getting married in October so I got to get a pretty dress
  5. Lucky Penny Day https://t.co/CqvBdfrsqc https://t.co/GkCcsZDEzn

  6. May 22 in Music History https://t.co/2abxJjgyCA

  7. National Buy a Musical Instrument Day https://t.co/wfB2dEhXTI

  8. May 21 in Music History https://t.co/W50DGFoej9

  9. May 20 in Music History https://t.co/Qny6KREycU

  10. May 19 in Music History https://t.co/j1FopZVusx

  11. May 18 in Music History https://t.co/TPVAqIIS5O

  12. May 17 in Music History https://t.co/MGa1a7SE7d

  13. A fantastic program of piano duet music happening on Sunday night! https://t.co/vbNfR9Xm3y

  14. Mother’s Day :) https://t.co/bt5RfHN2EM https://t.co/hUN8nH1Rl7

  15. May 13 in Music History https://t.co/pJzkpb2TpI https://t.co/VgbPAuQLv7

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