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The Truth About Soy

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Important information from one of our most respected doctors:

Dr. Chris Northrup: Empowering Women's Wisdom About Soy




Thursday, February 20th,

9 PM (ET), 6 PM (PT)







Power Surge Live!


Founder and Medical Director of Physicians Pharmaceuticals, developers of
Doctor-Formulated, Revival Soy Protein,
the #1 doctor-recommended soy product for women who can't or prefer not to use HRT. Dr. Tabor oversees research involving randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled studies at leading hospitals on the benefits of soy in the areas of menopause, breast and prostate cancer and heart disease.


The Truth About Soy!color>


* Who's behind the anti-soy campaign? color>

* Is it purely coincidental that since the abruptly

halted WHI Study advising all women to stop using synthetic hormones,

the anti-soy campaign gathered momentum?color>

* The FDA and The American Heart Association Recommend Eating More Soy.

How much soy is too much? color>

* Women say, "Revival works great for my menopausal symptoms,

should I start worrying now? color>

* If, as some say, soy is allegedly linked to thyroid problems,

why would Revival be recommended by the American Foundation of Thyroid Patients? ?color>

* Revival is made from NON-genetically modified soybeans.

Did you know that 93% of other soy products are made from genetically modified soybeans? ? color>


Dr. Aaron Tabor

will dispel the myth-information about soy

Thursday, February 20th, 9 PM (ET)


Power Surge Live!color>



Transcripts of guest chats can be found

in the Library 3-4 days

after the chat takes place.



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