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Messages of a confrontational manner are not permitted and will be removed at the discretion of the Board Administrator. Continual harassment of any other member will result in the termination of your username. If you take issue with the nature or theory of a message, address the theory, but do not attack the person proposing the theory.   7) Multiple member names are not permitted use on these message boards. Masquerading as more than one person, or as a person of the opposite gender is strictly prohibited. User names with "Doctor," "Dr." or "M.D." are not permitted to post on this board. Unless Power Surge is associated with a doctor or other health care practitioner, we have no way of knowing if you actually are a doctor, who you are and/or what your medical credentials or beliefs are. Our health care practitioners can be found in Ask The Experts, in the Transcript Library, and in articles in the Educate Your Body area of the Web site. If you are a doctor who wishes to be associated with Power Surge, please contact us at this link. Thank you.   8) Those found to be harvesting E.mail addresses from these message boards for the purpose of selling products or sending out spam will have their account/username terminated immediately. Power Surge does not share E.mail addresses of our members with anyone. We do not sell or share your E.mail address or any information you provide during registration with anyone else.   9) This is not a religious site nor political site. This is a non-sectarian and non-partisan community. We are women from every ethnic background. This community respects everyone's personal beliefs; however, discussions about, references to and proselytizing (i.e., "Turn to God, he will heal you," "In the name of Jesus Christ, amen," etc.), about religion and links to religious sites are prohibited. 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      A very WARM WELCOME to new members of Power Surge's Message Board.  Before you jump right into the board discussions, I strongly recommend you to take a few minutes to READ THIS NEWCOMERS MESSAGE to help familiarize you with the board and site.   This message board is just one area of an enormous, multi award-winning Web site with a wealth of information. You can visit any area of the site by clicking on the "Power Surge Quick Links" drop down menu at the top of each page of the message board, OR by clicking on the links on the MENU on every page of the Web site.   After you've read the Newcomers Message, CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE FROM THE MANY FORUMS available to discuss any subject you wish.color>   Again, a warm welcome to Power Surge to women in all phases of their transitional years, and to the men, children, friends and others in their lives who want to gain a better understanding of menopause.   I can promise you one thing . . . if you felt alone before finding Power Surge . . . you won't feel alone any longer   Dearest Power Surge Founder
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Board Administrator Note: I've removed many posts referring to the original chat room. A new chat room has been in use since July, 2004. Read the newer messages for those questions and answers.


Board Administrator

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After years of hesitation, I finally had to put up a new chat room. I loved the original chat room. It's very professional looking and had some beautiful features, but, alas, what good is beauty when it comes replete with all sorts of problems.


The new chat room will, hopefully, be much easier to access. 98% of those registering for it have no problems logging in and staying in.


You have to be registered for and Logged In To the Power Surge Message Board to use the Main Chat Room. The way to access the chat room is by clicking on Live Chat on the Menu at the top of the board (on the right side).


If you're asked for a Username and/or Password, use the same ones you use to login to the Board.


Most of the problems people incur trying to enter the Main Chat are because:


  • They haven't downloaded the Java Client (all chat rooms use java). It can be downloaded by simply going to www.java.com and click the FREE JAVA DOWNLOAD button.
  • They're not logged into the board. You have to be logged into The Message Board before you can enter the Main Chat RoomThey've forgotten their Username and/or Password (See HELP on the Menu at the top of the board on the righthand side to retrieve your password
  • They're mistakenly entering the wrong username / password info.
  • They've forgotten that User names and Passwords are "cAse-sEnsitiVe." Therefore, if my login username is "Dearest" and I type "dearest" the board will not allow me to log in.


IMPORTANT: If you can't resolve your problems of accessing the chat room and you're sure it's not because you've forgotten your password, contact us at: http://www.power-surge.com/php/contactUs.php3 We can't answer you if you don't provide the following information:


  1. Provide your registered UserNameExplain exactly what the problem is.
  2. If you have difficulty getting past the login screen and then get an error message in the chat area
  3. If you are getting an error message, what is it? If possible, Please paste or type it into the email.
  4. Do you use AOL to access the chat?
  5. What browser are you using? Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape, Firefox, etc?


Providing as much information as possible will help us address any problems you may have without having to email you back for more information.


What with today's environment on the Internet which leads many of us to use software and hardware firewalls, anti-virus software, anti-spyware software - wireless systems - there could be any number of reasons why YOU'RE having problems entering the chat room.


AOL Users: Power Surge recommends AOL users minimize the AOL window and go to your desktop, click on the Internet Explorer icon and to to the chat room using Internet Explorer. AOL can slow down your connection due to the vast size of the membership online at the hour of the chat.


You can also call AOL Tech Support at: 1-800-827-6364


All users: to see if it's your firewall, try disabling your firewall and then entering the chat room. If you can get in with it disabled, but NOT with it turned on, you'll know where the problem lies. You can disable it just for the duration of the chat and turn it back on when the chat is over.


If we can't resolve your problem, call Microsoft ( 1-800-936-5700 ) or your computer manufacturer as there may be something about the configuration of your machine that we can't help you with.


IF you've forgotten your password, either send a PM (personal message) to "Dearest" or contact us at: http://www.power-surge.com/php/contactUs.php3


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I wanted to post this under a new topic but couldn't because it said I do not have permission to post a new topic. However, I have permission to post replies! That doesn't make sense.

Anyway, I'm personally getting very angry. I don't know why, but the last several months I haven't been able to get into the chat room. All I get on the chat screen is the Terms and regulations page. I used to come to the chat rooms every time you had a guest, and you have some interesting guests. I don't know why I can't enter the chat room. Perhaps I won too many prizes in the past and now I'm being barred from entering. (ok, I getting paranoid here) I've tried everything to get in to no avail. I have no problem with any other chat room. The only thing I changed is I went to DSL a few months ago. I also have AOL.

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Read the message I posted above yours and E.mail Tech Support -- listing any error messages and/or problems you're having PLUS YOUR USERNAME. Please review my message above. There are certain things they need to know in order to help you.


Nobody is barred from the chat room, certainly not you, so don't even think that.


In all the years I've been running Power Surge, I've always found that chat rooms are very persnickety. There are any number of reasons for problems with chat rooms.


Do you use a Java Client other than Microsoft's on your computer? I downloaded another companies version about six months ago and was unable to get into the chat room. I deleted it immediately. If anyone has this software on their computer, it obviously causes conflicts with the java client running the chat room Power Surge uses. Many chat rooms use their own java client, so if you go to various chat rooms and download their java clients, those can contribute to problems entering Power Surge's chat.


Also, if you have a software and/or hardware firewall on your computer, that might contribute to the problems. You might want to try disabling your software firewall and then entering the chat room. If you're able to get in, you'll know the firewall is contributing to the problem, so you may want to disable it only during the time you use the PS chat room.


Again, I urge you to write to the E.mail address above and explain IN DETAIL what happens when you try to enter the chat room. Someone will get back to you and try to help you resolve the problem.


Also remember, it takes a minute for the chat room to load. This can take longer for some depending upon what type of connection you have.


Finally, I would recommend NOT going through AOL. You can be on AOL and still get into the chat room by minimizing AOL and opening Internet Explorer from your Desktop. Then simply log into the Message Board and click on LIVE CHAT and you'll probably find you'll get in without problems without using AOL. I've been on AOL for many years, but I avoid using their browser - especially at the time of night that the chat takes place.



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How do I register for the chat room?

Every time I try to enter is says i must register but I cannot find a place to do that.




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Hi Janey1 , I don't know if anyone has helped you yet ? But you being a new member have to make a certain number of posts to enable more of the functions of the site.... Not sure how many (10 to 15 probably) Please keep posting and it will happen... And WELCOME TO POWER SURGE :)


Hope this helps you Tanya


P.S. You will find much comfort and knowledge here










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I am new today and trying find the chat room. Can someone help?




Read the post above yours from spazz/tanya. That explains why you can't get in to chat. :)

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