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    Midway in the journey of my life I found myself in a dark woods, for the straight way was lost. Dante

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  1. Did you find me on Face Book??? Pm me and give me your info we,ll try that way.

  2. Thinking of you!!! Hope your doing okay!

  3. love the happy new year magical star in the sky picture! isn't photobucket great?

    happy new year snows!

    oodles of hugs!


  4. Hi Snow thanks for the talks!!

  5. lovely tulips snowy!

    loverly like you!

    hugs dear.


  6. Snowmoon,

    the truth is not always pretty and it sometimes scary. But we don't run from it. That's how I see it. Women of this generation cannot afford to be ostriches as they so often did in generations past. Too many lives depend upon our willingness to own the truth and fight for what we know is right.

  7. Your view on menopause can be outstanding>> Your other views are freaking me out!!!!

  8. Your posts are amazing!

  9. You only had 3 stars? I got you up to 4 :)

  10. I missed your Bday! Hope you had a GREAT one!

  11. Hi how are you doing?

  12. Thank u so much for the birthday wishes.

  13. Sue Haven't seen you posting> hope your well!


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