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  1. Good morning fellow travellers on the menopause journey! It's zero degrees here in the Albany, New York area, but once again the sun is shining with intensity and casting long, lovely shadows on the snow in my backyard. Can't say I'll miss it, but it sure looks pretty. I'm feeling excited today because I may be hosting 1 or 2 Russian children in my home, for 2 weeks in March. We've had exchange students stay with us before, but this is different because the children are from an orphanage and are actually available for adoption. We love children and miss having them underfoot. We have a 16 year old daughter at home, but she'll be gone before too long. We've thought long and hard about this and know the risks. We're taking it one day at a time. The guest speaker tonight looks great...I hope I can attend. Hope everyone is feeling good today and taking a break from menopause woes.
  2. Happy Wednesday everyone! GG I love reading about your lovely spring weather - it transports me there! Suzie and Suseyq, we will have our turn with spring soon. Less than a month! Don't know about you, but the sun is shining gloriously here and I am so grateful for that. I get sun-deficient very easily. When it's cloudy, it seems my mood does too. Finola..glad to hear the good news about the MSM. How much do you take a day? I just added silica to my vitamin regimen because my nails are like phyllo dough...peeling in layers. Tex...sending warm healing thoughts to your back. Aren't our pets a comfort to have around when we're hurting? But take it slow on those walks with them. Pauline...I think job anxiety is the worst. That one can send me into a downward spiral if I let it. My hubbie has a good job, but they may close his company...we've been living with that threat for several years now. And I lost my part-time, but well paid job when my employer died last August. Add in meno mood swings and I'm up and down like a yo-yo. I hope the outlook improves for you soon. Della...I can relate to the crying spells only too well. It is disconcerting. Hormones and hormone changes can play around with our moods. But, as my husband always reminds me when I'm down....remember, this always passes. Hey, can you pass around the peanut butter cookies and apple pie? They sound yummie. I hope everyone posting or just reading, has a very fine day today!
  3. Good morning everyone! Sun is shining brightly on the thick carpet of snow here in Albany, New York. ?GG, I don't know where Batavia is, but it sounds familiar, which means nothing since I'm terrible on geography. However, your emerging spring sounds delicious. Northern Calif. is so beautiful...I'd love to live there someday. ?Still, the snow here and bright blue sky is pretty in its own way (I'm trying to convince myself.) Tex, I'm not sure what happened with your back, but sorry to learn that it's hurting. There's a book on back problems that Dr. Andrew Weil recommends on his website if you're interested. I got it for my niece, who has some serious problems, and she found it very helpful. Author is 'Sarnow' or something like that. I can check if you want. Suseyq, You're not alone with your snow! We keep getting more and more. The most I ever remember, actually. But we're in the homestretch now...March 21 is not so far away. Of course, Albany weather ignores all timetables. Nevertheless that thermometer WILL slowly start creeping up. I think getting away for a week helped my optimism. I feel grateful to have had that opportunity. Finola, I didn't know msm was good for TMJ. It's supposed to help with hair health too...did it do that for you? Hope everyone has a good day...:wink:
  4. Good morning everyone...at least I hope it will be for all of us. Woke up feeling kind of down this morning - it's Monday morning and my Caribbean vacation is over. The thermometer reads 17degrees here - back to the reality of winter in in upstate NY. ? Luckily, my mood perked up after being awake awhile and reminding myself how lucky I was that I could even take a vacation. That lovely break makes the rest of winter feel shorter somehow. This morning I indulged in a half decaf/half regular cup of coffee, a habit I took up on vacation. I'm not a big caffeine user, but I could swear it has some actual antidepressant effects.
  5. Happy Valentines Day ladies! I'm cheating - it's a few minutes before midnight, but I wanted to wish everyone a day of love and peace and I won't have time in the morning since I'm heading out early for vacation. Also, Susan, I just wanted to say how sad I was to read about your son. I'm so sorry. I can barely imagine how much of a difficult time this must be for you. I will say a prayer for you, him and your family. Hugs to you.
  6. Good morning all!Texwoman (love that name), glad you got over your candy craves so fast. One day really isn't bad. If I have chocolate one day at, say 1pm, my body demands it the next day at 1pm. That stuff is very addicting for me and I'm either on or off, and thank God I'm off right now (this week). Lolly and Susieq- you're inspiring me to behave and reap the rewards. Lolly- that storm you had in Jamestown sounds like one to go down in history! Lucky it didn't come any sooner. Susan and Roxie- I'm sorry you're both going through stressful times right now. I think stress really makes the meno symptoms a lot worse. For me, my mood swings like wild when I'm under stress. I hope things get better and better for you. Pauline- Thanks for your support...it's very upsetting listening to the news these days. I'm mostly tuned into public radio, which I love, but feel so bombarded with opinions and counter-opinions, facts and conflicting facts. I am scared for us and for the rest of the world. I have to limit how much I listen and read the papers, or I get depressed. Tanya and TST welcome to you too! Gemini, HippieHeron, Arlean, JRS, GG, IreneCrites, finola and everyone, thanks for the welcome and I hope you have a wonderful day today. It was ?-1.6 degrees when I woke up this morning, but I don't care! I'm headed to the Caribbean for a week. Yippee!! I feel so lucky to be able to go. Hope you all stay warm, or stay cool if you're having hot flashes (or live in the warm belt). See you when I get back!
  7. Good morining everyone! Bitter cold here in upstate New York, with the wind howling and flinging snow particles against the windows of my house. But the sun is shining and for that I am grateful. Thank you for the friendly welcome yesterday. I knew this was a special place, but it's different when you finally get the courage to put a toe in the water and feel personally the warmth of this group. It really made my heart sing! I appreciate you making a little room for a newcomer. ?I hope we all have a great day. I think we deserve it!
  8. What a great community this is! TEN YEARS. Wow!! If I was Dearest I would feel so good about the contribution I was making to the world. And can you imagine if our mothers had something like this to help them through those rough years? I can remember how she suffered...alone...and of course I could never understand her moods, which are now my moods. I still don't understand them, but I come to these message boards and read, read, read and it makes me feel better. There is some good in this world after all, isn't there? MaryO - I love your Conga Rats!! ?I'm not tired of them at all 'cause I've never seen them before and they made me smile ?!!
  9. Good morning, well actually I just glanced at the clock and it's almost noon, so Good afternoon too. I'm newly registered to the boards and grateful to have found this community! It was 3 degrees here my corner of the Northeast this morning, with a dusting of snow. We are all so ready for Spring! It really is beautiful out however, with the sun blazing onto the snow...it's just too cold to go out for that walk I want. Maybe it'll warm up enough in an hour or so. I'm hoping.

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