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  1. I rather like the brighter colour scheme! It's Christmas morning here, so a Merry one to those of you who celebrate it.
  2. Isla

    Important! Please Read

    Seemless transition, PERFECT! Well done Mary!!!
  3. Isla

    Important! Please Read

    I have a bookmark which goes directly to http://www.power-surge.com/php/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=viewNewContent&search_app=forums. Is that where we are, or not? Maybe I'm not here at all!
  4. Isla

    Important! Please Read

    Mary, I am very sorry for your loss, and sorry to read that news. Dearest did such a good thing here.
  5. I'm not sure if I've missed some important point re how to read these boards. ?After I see someone's message on the Introduction board, where do they go next? ?I know I could follow their name to wherever they might post, but is there a general sort of 'next' board for new users? ?Women introduce themselves, often with questions, but since that's not the place to answer them, I don't, but I haven't found a central sort of place where that would be appropriate. ?This site is so huge, I get a bit lost - much more easily these days than ever before. ?It's a fantastic site, but a bit daunting for the unfamiliar.
  6. I've done a search through the site on PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), hoping that there might be a particular place where women have posted their experiences of menopause when they've also lived with PCOS. ?I don't know if there are particular issues associated with the combination, but wondered if there are and therefore would it be appropriate to have a specific board for the issue? ?

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