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  1. Love your Whine Festival post! Where in NY are you - I live in N.J. now, but originally from NYC. Somehow we will all get through this - lots of others have before us. Best, Marie

    1. girldown


      Thanks! I'm upstate, about 5 hours from the city. I sure hope you're right about getting through this - I have my moments of doubt. Luckily, they are just moments. Thanks for reaching out.


      (Not sure where to answer you - hope you find this. I'm new to this board and a bit slow with these machines - sorry!)

    2. MarieB2010123


      Hi Lisa - Hey you did just great - your message came to the right place! I thank God I found this board in August 2010 - because, like so many other women out there, I had no clue what was happening to me! It gets me angry sometimes that we women are given do little info about this time of life - yeah, it's much more than hot flashes and missed periods - that's why we have to help ourselves and each other - hence the greatness of PS!! Stay strong - read Female Brian...


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