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  1. mrsallan

    Important! Please Read

    Hi Siaran Nice to see u too here. So far, so good. I'm still doing the MRI n CTscan and othopedic specialist check up every 4 months. I tried to access power-surge before but more computer keep telling that there's a malware or somthing. Somehow 2 days ago I tried to go the old like and I got no access, so I google and was taken to some link informing something. You know what u get when u google. Lots of link that somehow before going the right places. It's nice to be back and see all the familiar names.
  2. mrsallan

    Important! Please Read

    First of all, my condolence to you and members of Power-Surge. I didn't know that Dearest Alice has passed away. Power-surge has been my friend when I was undergoing my battle with some rare cancer and it has also provided me with knowledge that I needed. I tried to go the original forum but somehow it wasn't there anymore. I googled power-surge and found your note and the news of Dearest passing. Such a shock. I will send u my email and I already send you a request. I will try to donate and help for this forum to go. Might not be much but I hope it will help. This is a good forum and it would be ashamed if it's gone.

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