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  1. Happy Birthday Kleeo!!

  2. See you soon, my dear menobud! Can't believe it!

  3. hope you have a happy birthday celebrating the wonder of YOU!

    so many of us on PS are celebrating the wonderFUL you!

    oodles of happy hugs,


  4. Well thank you VERY much! :-) For all the compliments! Gosh! The horse in the pic is our little filly girl; she is my pride and joy. Cassaddie's Hope. We have a total of 7 of our own, and 15 in our barn. Standarbred race horses! Very nice having you as a 'friend' here on P/S! ((((HUGS!))))

  5. What a beautiful horse in your profile picture! Oh...and you're beautiful also! You seem to have a great attitude about life. I admire that a lot. :)

  6. Hello my friend and thank you! That is my precious little filly girl. And YOUR picture is PRECIOUS! A grandbaby? LORD what a little doll!! Nice to hear from you~ (((HUGS!)))

  7. Hi Kleeo! What a wonderful profile picture! Haven't been here in a while, and it's good to be back. Hope you've been doing well!

  8. kleeo,

    that photo of your precious little one, Scooterologist, and proud mama warms my heart throughout.

    thank you for sharing!


    oodles of big hugs,


  9. (((*DOT!*))) Happy New Year to you as well! Don't hang out here much anymore....one year period free on Valentines Day! WOO! (But NOT 100% quite yet!) HUGS TO YOU!!!!!!! :-)

  10. (((Kleeo))))

    Happy New Year!!



  11. Thank you....I just adore my babies! NICE seeing a note from you! We don't get here very often anymore do we? LOL! This could be a GOOD thing! XO

  12. Love the new picture of the pregnant mama giving you a smooch!

  13. You have a bay, too? Aren't they a joy? I adore my babies. I'm doing well....went 10 months w/out a period then had 3 days of light spotting, so starting from scratch again! *sigh*! Such is life! All is well here.....SO nice hearing from you! HUGS!

  14. Love your new picture!

    Your horse is a bay just like mine!

    Hope your doing well!


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