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  1. It's under your name, top right, click on Manage Blogs Under Your Current Blogs is something to agree to before starting your new blog.



    HI Mary

    Umm, I clicked under my name (in the top right corner of main forum page) and it says nothing about blogs at all.

    It just says to manage profiles/content/ etc etc.

    Thanks for your help, BUt I am still lost, not computer savvy at all I'm afraid.

  2. Can someone tell me how to start a blog?

    I have gone to the blog section, I have gone to my settings, my profile, I see nothing I can click to start my own blog here.

    I have read the guidelines for blogging section, and it said something about "if your allowed to start your own blog" something to that effect anyway, so maybe I'm not allowed?

    If so,why am I not allowed? and when will I be allowed?


  3. So glad you like the additional avatars.


    Anyone who wants to change her/his avatar can do so by simply clicking on My Controls on the menu at the top of the board. Then, on the left side under Personal Profile, click on Edit Avatar Settomgs. Use the drop-down menu to look through the various libraries.



    I don't see "my controls" anywhere, everytime I go to my settings,I can't do anything.

    I'm confused.


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