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  1. Not wanting to post anything that would bring you down; it's hard enough without doom and gloom stories. 6 months since my last period. I'll let you know if I transmorgrify into Ruth Gordon.

  2. "Dippie"

    The Boards are Back but...

    Thank you, Mary. I'm donating as soon as I can and still reading daily even though I don't feel like posting very much any more. Thank you so much for all you do and I am so sorry that you have been having problems.
  3. 9 months without a period and now bright red bleeding the left spots on the bathroom floor; glad i didn't toss my diva cup; am i back to square one with all the yuckiness I thought I was finishing up? Help...?

    1. "Dippie"


      I just noticed that this happened on my oldest child's 27th birthday--poor dying uterus; I can't help feeling sorry for her. Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

  4. ds is probably the only first grader in 2015 who knows who Jonathan Livingston Seagull is. It's worth rereading in midlife, especially if you're feeling beaten down, demoralized, and wondering if being yourself was even worth it.

  5. I think I might be done; a friend had a baby yesterday and another friend called me for midwifery advice about her friend's baby, who was born a few hours later. I'm not jealous at all, just happy that there are two fresh new human beings in the world and glad I could help.

  6. sudo apt-get autoremove drama sudo apt-get purge drama sudo apt-get autoclean

  7. Desktop likes the new password so I'm good until the next reformat. ;)

  8. Well, changing my password didn't work; guess I'll just be happy I can log in on the lappy.

  9. hitting a rough patch--might hit you over the head and steal your premarin or i might just drown my sorrows in Frances Moore Lappe's soybean pie and call it good; I honestly don't know yet.

  10. Aging disgracefully, don't remember the last time I had a period, and feel like I'm waking up after years of excess estrogen making me a zombified docile doormat.


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