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  1. spazz/tanya

    Important! Please Read

    Thank You for keeping us updated Mary Tanya
  2. spazz/tanya

    Important! Please Read

    YES WE ARE !!!!! STILL HERE MY BEAUTIFUL SISTERS THANK YOU MARY !! for fighting so hard to keep this alive
  3. spazz/tanya

    Important! Please Read

    Flip , send Mary a Private message for an invite
  4. spazz/tanya

    Important! Please Read

    I pm'd you mary with my email <3
  5. Hi , just wanted to leave this note in appreciation of all you have done for me <3 you opened yourself up to me when I was in such trauma not knowing what was going on in my mind & my body ! you were the most amazing mentor and friend and are missed here greatly ,I so hope you come back here ! even on occasion . This is a different place without you !!! YOU ARE MISSED GREATLY !!! XOXOXO Tanya

  6. No Problem Mary O , we understand <3 We will all bear with you !
  7. Shoot !!! Sorry Jenn keep trying ,you never know ! Are any others ladies on the site having the same problem as Jenn ???? Just curious ???
  8. oops I see Mary O just said that ! LOL
  9. after you click quote you must scroll down to see the reply box and your quote should be there ! then post your response and click reply
  10. HMMMM , nothing ???? wonder what's up ????? Maybe Mary O could shed some light on this ???
  11. are you on the post that you want to quote ????
  12. BA DUMP BUMP !!! I Kill Me !! HAHAHA
  13. Hi Jenn54 , go to the quote you want to post .... below it you will see the three buttons ,report , multiquote , quote ..... hover and click on the quote button , it will take you to the bottom of the page to REPLY and the quote you want will be in the box then you put your response and push reply

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