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  1. Good morning , everyone. Lolly, sorry to hear you lost your cat. The weather here has been wonderful up to 76, but I have not been able to get out and enjoy it with the trees blooming, the grass growning , flowers already blooming, and the winds blowning everything around as well. It rained last night and today it is only 40. I can breath in this kind of weather. I sure hope none of the rest of you out there suffer with allergys,and asthma, as bad as I do in the spring. If you do I feel for you. Well it is med time for me and Baby, (dog) so off I go to get my day started. Have a nice weekend everyone. Smile some one might need it worst than you . :smile:
  2. Hi Lolly, It is Friday it is always QUITE on Friday. I pray every one stays safe and has a nice weekend.
  3. Hi Jennimarie , I also knew what you ment . There is a board on here called Breast and other Cancer Issues, perhaps you could post there, as well. Praying and thinking of you each day stay up and stay strong. Smile some one might need it worst than you do . :smile:
  4. Good afternoon, everyone , my day is starting twice I guess I am trying to catch up on very much needed sleep. Jennimarie, you will be in my prayers and thougths as you fight to win.Spring isn't to far off here I have been seeing Robins by the hundreds for the last Four days now. My spring flowers are coming up and ready to pop open at anytime now. The trees are starting to bud out as well. There was a 1/4 of inche of ice on this morning so they had to cancel school for here. It is suppose to snow north of us quite a bit but nothing for here. Our nine inches has finally all melted away. Lolly ,swiming with the whales sounds fun. Have you every swam with the dolphins and pretend to be dead and them push you to shore? Smile some one might need it worst than you do. :smile:
  5. Jennimarie, Get well soon know that we will be praying for you to have good results Hugs xxxxx to you ?and every one else as well. Smile some one might need it worst than you do. :smile:
  6. Thanks Gemini, for sharing your get to garther it sounds like so much fun, I sure hope ours will be to. I bet it felt strange the first time meeting didn't it? Sorry to hear that you was so sick when you went to visit your daughter, but it sounds like you make the best of it any way. ? Good for you. :smile: Trust me I won't quit smiling, :smile:no matter how down, I get. I have tried to find some one who has been thru this before to talk to me but so far no one I know personaly ?has been thru it. I also haven't found a support group, and I still get no answers from the doctors on this matter. So I will keep trying to find some one that knows of these matters so I know how to deal with the problem. XXXXX hugs to you Beth and take care. Smile some one might need it worst than you do . :smile:
  7. Thank you Lolly, I just wished I knew what to say to him but I am lost for words, to say to him. All I can do is cry and pray, that things get better for him. This is the first time I have ever had to deal with some thing this close, to me. I just wish that he was small again and I could pick him up and tell him everything is going to be okay. But he isn't and I am lost as what to do now. I know they have support groups for them but how about for the family ? I am so torn between having him come back here after he is released from the hospital the next time, because of ? my little 11 year daughter. What it might do to her,and my faimly if this happens again or worst if he succeeds in killing himself the next time. ?If I sound selfish I am not just a truly concerned mother . I am so glad I have you all here praying for ?my son and me. This Power Surge ?and the ladies here is my life line right now to being sane and staying in control of my pain. I hope everyone, stays warm or cool which ever they need and stay safe, and stay healthy. My prayers are with each of you to have these things. Smile some one might need it worst than you do. :smile:
  8. Happy Valentines Day Dearest, and Maryo, and all the rest of the ladies here. I loved your card Dearest and the music as well very soft and gentle just what a pair of love birds need to hear. Hope you had a lovely dinner with friends or maybe even someone that is very close to you. My husband took me out for a nice quiet dinner tonight just the two of us, we both need that. So good night to you all. I want to thank you all for your much needed prayers. Smile some one might need it worst than you do. :smile:
  9. Hello, to everyone today,JRS Hi neighbor, I also live in Indiana and yes the sun is shining here today as well. ?My daffodils are coming up thru the snow and all the cold weather we have been having here. So yes spring is right around the coner. Thanks for saying I am a great Mom, Texwoman, but this morning I don't feel like a great Mom. I truly feel numb today. My Son not only thought about killing his self ?, but last night he tried to take his own life . I had to call a amublance to rush him to the hospital. So I have had very little sleep. I am sorry Dearest and Maryo I probally shouldn't be even putting this ?on these boards. Please forgive me. Thank you ladies for listening to my problems when I know you have big problems of your own. Smile some one might need it worst than you do. :smile:
  10. Good evening, So happy to see you guys having so much fun eating all that candy and brownies and not even sharing, with us . Well they are saying it is going to snow more and drift tonight and get to 10 above not what I needed to hear for sure. My son is now out of the hospital and home with us, but now I have to drive him back ?and forth each day 60 miles round trip to see a doctor each day for how long not sure. ?Now I am not complaining just don't need the snow, and ice to drive on each day. He also has appointment ?on Feb 27 to go see a heart doctor because they run some ?stress test and found something that doesn't look right to them. So I am learning to take one day at a time. So Gemini that is the reason for the words I wrote in the poem section yesterday. Like I told you it hit me square in the face. Well each of you have a real nice day or night which every it might be in your part of the world. Smile some one might need it worst than you do.
  11. Happy ########## Anniversary Power SurgeThanks so much Dearest, for the hard work you have done here. Also to the others that help you good job. Also to all the ladies that come here, and Continue to share your feelings but also your support, as well. Smile some one might need it worst than you do.
  12. Good morning everyone, Tex,I am so happy when someone says I make them smile. You sound like you are on the right track now and I am so happy for you. Keep up your great life style change,and keep smiling. It is very cold here this morning as well Gemini. It was raining and ?snowing here now. It went from 64 to 28 in just a few hours.Now they are says it is going to be just 10 degrees tomorrow. I was wearing shorts Saturday and Sunday ?and yesterday but today I need my snow pants on to go out side. ?I do love the changing seasons just not all in a few hours. Smile some one might need ?it worst than you do . ?
  13. Tex, I believe you, ?I do understand what you was saying.I must say this though doctors can only help a person when that person addmits he has a problem, not before. I am so proud of my son as I mentioned in my first ?post about him. This time he addmitted he needed help, and sought it. Just now maybe after 20 years of this problem, he can get the real help he needed all along. ?The mind is a very complex thing and can play tricks on us if we let it. My son at age 3 was in a very serious car wreck and after that every thing scared him. Then again at age 15 another wreck. Then again about ?8 years ago and he was not just in a wreck but was knocked out and ?not breathing and being schocked by ?electric lines on the Semi truck he was driving. We tried to talk him into getting help after this wreck because he wasn't the same man we all knew. He would blow up at a drop of a pin, or go into a rage of swearing and then calm back down and not even know he had acted like that. There is more but it is to long to put on here. He has had a lot of truma in his life but wasn't willing to admitt it to his self. It kind of goes with the old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Smile someone might need it worst than you do.
  14. Thank you Hippie, that means a lot to me. I know I am not the only one having troubles with thier children. I want you all to know that I am praying for you and them as well as my son and ?my Aunt .I know your concerns are just as great as mine. I feel for each of you. We can only do our best at raising our children and hope and pray for the best for them. But for some it isn't enough, some can make it on thier own while others need more help that we can not give them. Not at any fault of our not raising them right , it is just thier minds sometimes works differently. ?A head truma some times no matter how small we think it might be and ?we think they will be okay, can effect our children. Maybe not just that day or the next ?but ?down the road some day it might show up in later life. ? Smile someone might need it worst than you.
  15. Ruth, my son is 34 years old. I am so proud of him for realizing he needed help this time. The doctor ?told us what is wrong with him and it is called post turmatic sypdome, not sure this is spelled right. ?But the doctor told him yesterday that he should file for disablity,because he isn't able to work any more. This is very hard on him, he has no home now because his girl friend had broke up with him, and she has everything he every owned. We don't know where she is living at and she is expecting his bady in June. ? But I am just thankful he is alive and he can just start over fresh. Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and your prayers.

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