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  1. missruth

    The Place To Start Your Day #2

    Good Morning All, ?Tex, all sounds great. Just keep the good thoughts going. We can only hope for the best. God bless you and yours and everyone at this site and I wish you all good health and much happiness in 2003. Jodan---where do you live near Pittsburgh? I am in Washington Pa. ?Happy New Year.
  2. missruth

    The Place To Start Your Day #2

    Pauline, ?So sorry your daughter is not feeling well. Hope you found something to help her. Has to be awful to be afraid of hospitals and then have to go there. ?I wish you all good health in the new year
  3. missruth

    The Place To Start Your Day #2

    Hi All, ?Hope everyone had a wonderful and also not to hectic Christmas. We need to keep it simple if possible. Why do we all go crazy for just one day? It is over so soon. ?I think I need to find another way to celebrate Christmas. Not trying to be a scrooge but seems there must be a better way. I really don't do to much so guess I should not complain. ? ? My husband and I went to my oldest son's house and my youngest son and wife were there also. They are expecting their first child in March. My third grandchild----a boy. We had a good time there and had a great meal. ? ? Greetings to all the new lovely women to this site. My best to all of you. ?Prayers go out for those who will be having surgery in the near future. ? ?
  4. missruth

    The Place To Start Your Day #2

    Hi Everyone, ?Just checking what was on here. Helen, I bet your tree will be beautiful. We are not having one as our apartment is so small and there is just my husband and me. ?Sometimes I get to help decorate someone else's tree so that makes up for not having my own and I don't have to worry about taking it down. ?My husband has had a bad cough for about 6 weeks. Went back to doc today and had to have a chest x-ray. Gave him medication and told him to stay home from work rest of week. He is glad of that.Ha. Don't know that I am glad but maybe he will do some of the cooking. ? ? Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Santa is good to all. God Bless.

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