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  1. acehappiness

    On an iPad?

    Thank you Mary, somehow I got It back to the beautiful blue screen, which I find so soothing to look at. And I see as I'm typing this it is white letters on a white background, but still like the blue screen . Thanks again for your help.
  2. acehappiness

    On an iPad?

    OH NO, I don't like this format. Can you please help me change it back to the original view. Not to smart with this IPad and like the original skin so much better. Thank you
  3. acehappiness

    Important! Please Read

    I too was very saddened to hear about Dearest. I agree with so many of the other post that this site really did save me and for that I feel blessed, that I found this site when I did. I don't use Facebook and know it would be great if we could still all meet here but understand if that can't happen and I can only imagine what a big job it is to keep it running. Mary thank you for trying. And Dearest please know that you will be missed.

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