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  1. searching for sisters

    Breast Tenderness

    Hello CConard, I'm wondering how your ultra sound went. I experienced only minor breast tenderness through pm and beyond. What I want to share with you today is how many odd symptoms I experienced and was so "freaked out" about that turned out to be just my bodies response oestrogen withdrawal and hormone imbalance. It's been quite a trip. You are doing the right thing, get your concerns checked out and try to breathe deep and relax. It was so helpful for me to be in touch with other women who have had similar experiences. If you can find something that will help you stay calm, you will have an easier time. My Dr wanted to put me on anti depressants (?, something mood altering), but that didn't feel right for me, so I struggled through on my own. Keep reaching out, there are millions of us sisters out here. Take care Missy!
  2. Hey Donna, it's my first action of any kind on this website. How did your test go. I also have constant ringing in my ears and occational bout of dizziness.


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