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      Please Follow The Power Surge Message Board, Insta-Chat And Blog Guidelines   This is the newest of numerous Power Surge message boards. The board is divided into individual subjects or Forums. We recommend you first look around, familiarize yourself with the new format and features. Select subjects of interest to you and post to your heart's content, but please read these guidelines before posting.   When you registered for these boards, the "default" was set to leave your E.mail address "private." We do so for your privacy and protection. However, if you chose to make your E.mail address public, you do so at your own discretion. Should you decide to make your E.mail address private, click on MY CONTROLS on the menu at the top of each screen and under Options select E.mail Settings.You can change the option to keep your E.mail address public or private. Should you desire to get in touch with someone whose E.mail is private, you can send them a Private Message or "PM" by clicking on "PM" at the bottom left (under their user name) of that person's posted messages.   Under NO circumstances will Power Surge EVER give out anyone's E.mail address or personal information. Please read Privacy Statement.   Guidelines:   1) This is a public forum. Please conduct yourself in the same courteous, respectful manner you would in any public arena.   2) MESSAGES AND/OR MEMBER PROFILES LINKING TO COMMERCIAL, RELIGIOUS, E-COMMERCE, PORNOGRAPHIC, OTHER MENOPAUSE SITES AND/OR ANY OFFENSIVE SITES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY.   3) NO ADVERTISING. Messages advertising products, or linking to Web sites selling these products and services are not permitted - including other menopause sites. This means not only blatant advertising, but the advertising that seeks out women in need of help, endears them to the poster (seller) with their guarantees for success with a product. Beware of those asking you to E.mail them for more information.   4) Messages requesting participation in and information for books, newspaper, magazine articles, school papers, surveys or theses are not permitted.   5) Profanity and/or crude language are not permitted on the board, in insta-chat and in the blogs, nor are links to sites containing pornography or anything offensive. Anything deemed to be inappropriate or harmful for viewing by children will be removed from these boards immediately. There have often been children or young relatives of women going through menopause looking for information to better understand, or to find information for relatives who may not be on the Internet.   6) Please do not harass or attack other participants. Messages of a confrontational manner are not permitted and will be removed at the discretion of the Board Administrator. Continual harassment of any other member will result in the termination of your username. If you take issue with the nature or theory of a message, address the theory, but do not attack the person proposing the theory.   7) Multiple member names are not permitted use on these message boards. Masquerading as more than one person, or as a person of the opposite gender is strictly prohibited. User names with "Doctor," "Dr." or "M.D." are not permitted to post on this board. Unless Power Surge is associated with a doctor or other health care practitioner, we have no way of knowing if you actually are a doctor, who you are and/or what your medical credentials or beliefs are. Our health care practitioners can be found in Ask The Experts, in the Transcript Library, and in articles in the Educate Your Body area of the Web site. If you are a doctor who wishes to be associated with Power Surge, please contact us at this link. Thank you.   8) Those found to be harvesting E.mail addresses from these message boards for the purpose of selling products or sending out spam will have their account/username terminated immediately. Power Surge does not share E.mail addresses of our members with anyone. We do not sell or share your E.mail address or any information you provide during registration with anyone else.   9) This is not a religious site nor political site. This is a non-sectarian and non-partisan community. We are women from every ethnic background. This community respects everyone's personal beliefs; however, discussions about, references to and proselytizing (i.e., "Turn to God, he will heal you," "In the name of Jesus Christ, amen," etc.), about religion and links to religious sites are prohibited. The same holds true for political discussions.   10) Messages which do not comply with the Power Surge Message Board Guidelines will be removed at the discretion of the Board Administrator and members who disregard our guidelines may be banned from future participation without notice.   11) This message board can be read by anyone. It is also indexed by the various search engines. Avoid posting anything too personal, such as real name, address, telephone number, or anything you wouldn't want someone to read on the Internet.color>   12) When new members sign up for the message boards, they are automatically sent an E.mail validation letter from Power Surge. E.mail addresses must be validated, or the member won't have access to many features on the board including the inability to post. If the E.mail address they registered with is not a valid one, their username will be deleted.   13) It is strictly prohibited to reproduce or reprint copyright material -- articles, images (photos, avatars, icons), poetry, or any other copyrighted material from any Web site, newspaper, magazine, newsletter or any other written format. Any such reproductions will be removed by the board administrator. This constitutes copyright infringement.   14)Do not hotlink to images on other Web sites. Hotlinking is posting a URL to an image on another site in order for that image to appear on Power Surge. Even the alleged "free" clipart Web sites have their own terms and conditions -- one of which is: DO NOT LINK TO IMAGES ON OUR WEB SITE. Be sure to read the Terms of Use on ANY site that claims their images are free, including royalty free.   15) It is strictly prohibited to reproduce or reprint any material found on Power Surge on another Web site, in any newsletters, newspapers, magazines, or any written format, or at any public menopause groups, seminars, meetings without the express permission of Power Surge. Doing so without permission constitutes copyright infringement and will be dealt with legally.   16) Men are welcome in Power Surge and may post messages and start topics in the forum created especially for them, Men, This One Is For You! Since this is a site for women, and many women have expressed their discomfort with men interjecting comments into their personal discussions as many of their discussions may be regarding very personal and intimate issues they don't openly choose to discuss with the men in their lives, or any men, please post only in the above forum. Since men can read anything on the board, if there's a forum discussing a particular subject you'd like to comment on, feel free to create a similar topic in the forum specifically created for men. Thank you.   17) If anyone takes exception to these guidelines, please do not discuss it on the boards or in insta-chat. Messages of such nature will be removed at the discretion of the board administrator. If you wish to comment on these guidelines, you can contact us through the contact page.   18) Power Surge reserves the right to edit or delete any message that violates the guidelines of this board.   If you have any questions about these guidelines or how these message boards work, first check out the HELP area at the top of every page. If you can't find an answer to your question, visit the Board/Site Info, Questions, Problems topic or Contact Us Here and INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME AND THE SPECIFIC NATURE OF YOUR PROBLEM.   Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you enjoy the Power Surge Message Board. For newsletters, guest transcripts, FAQ's, resources, polls, Ask The Experts and a whole host more, be sure to visit the entire Power Surge Web site. To get back to the Main Board at any time, click on Power-Surge Forums on the menu at the top of each page.   We'd love to meet you, so do stop by and introduce yourself on our Welcome, Introduce Yourself topic.   This Web site and these boards are a haven for support and friendship. They are NOT for salespeople pushing products. ADVERTISING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD, IN THE CHAT AREAS, IN THE BLOGS AND IN YOUR PROFILES/PERSONAL SIGNATURES. color>   Thank you! Power Surge
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      A very WARM WELCOME to new members of Power Surge's Message Board.  Before you jump right into the board discussions, I strongly recommend you to take a few minutes to READ THIS NEWCOMERS MESSAGE to help familiarize you with the board and site.   This message board is just one area of an enormous, multi award-winning Web site with a wealth of information. You can visit any area of the site by clicking on the "Power Surge Quick Links" drop down menu at the top of each page of the message board, OR by clicking on the links on the MENU on every page of the Web site.   After you've read the Newcomers Message, CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE FROM THE MANY FORUMS available to discuss any subject you wish.color>   Again, a warm welcome to Power Surge to women in all phases of their transitional years, and to the men, children, friends and others in their lives who want to gain a better understanding of menopause.   I can promise you one thing . . . if you felt alone before finding Power Surge . . . you won't feel alone any longer   Dearest Power Surge Founder


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  1. The Boards are Back but...

    Mary, you're very welcome. I'm very appreciative of you!
  2. The Boards are Back but...

    Mary, Just made my (appreciative) donation. Thanks for keeping things running. Made two posts this morning, they're still not showing up. I wonder how difficult the delays might be when ladies are hoping for replies to queries? Any idea how long the posts will be moderated? Thanks, Annie
  3. Thanks-- I shall give it a try!
  4. Mary, I tried to search under my profile / content to see the I threads I had participated in over the past 4 years...and my search was limited to the past year only. How do I find my prior contents? Thanks-- ☺️
  5. Important! Please Read

    God bless you Mary. This hasn't been easy for you and we know it. Thank you for taking on such a labor of love. Alice's legacy lives because of you. Xo, Annie
  6. Wow-- the site looks beautiful. Mary O, thank you for all your hard work! I tend to agree with Gracie about keeping the boards open to viewing by guests. That's how I found my way here... Wouldn't have ever joined off the bat, because I didn't yet know what I was experiencing "fit". Once I read post after post the light went on in my head and I began to understand. Heaven knows many women will be searching desperately just like we all were. If we can make it simpler for them find their way, I'd be in favor of keeping posts open to view. Just my opinion... And thanks again!- (the only issue I'm having is that the print when posting a reply isn't contrasted in color so it's difficult to see what I've written)
  7. Important! Please Read

    To all of my meno partners-- Today the realization hit me that the secure, constant, reassuring place I've turned to help me sort thru my peri-meno journey is going away. It feels like someone pulled the floor from beneath my feet, yet I'm so grateful for the fact that Alice/Dearest had the foresight to create this site all those years ago, and for the wonderful support I've received and shared while here. I believe in my heart that this place quite literally kept me sane when no one else could figure out what was wrong with me. I'm not kidding. I'm weepy today, and it isn't my hormones this time; It's grief over the loss of all of you. It's almost like being thrown into graduation, ready or not! Each of you have grounded me, taught me, helped me grow, given me courage-- and when I didn't think there was anyone who possibly could understand, I was shown that I WAS NOT ALONE. May god bless each of you on the rest of your journey. Always, --Annie
  8. Ok, sent an email to you giving you my address. No error sign showed up on your profile, but part of the page went dark when I tried to message you and I couldn't open an area to type the note. Weird. Thanks, will wait to hear from you. And let me say that again: THANK YOU. I really appreciate you for shouldering this for all of us. --A
  9. Hi Mary, I cannot get your "send me a message" to open on your profile page. I'd like to join the Facebook page...help!
  10. Important! Please Read

    The Facebook page? How do we find it, and how do we protect our privacy? I like flying under the radar with my intimately personal questions. Am grateful for this site, and sorry to hear about Alice. In time, would really love to know what happened. Somehow she has become like a dear friend to many of us--not in the sense that you were, Mary. But never the less, I'm really sad about losing her. Bless your heart.--A
  11. Still the case today. Any updates?
  12. Anyone else unable to pull up 24 hour updates? I have my settings on "last 24 hours" / forums, but I keep getting bounced off the forum selection, and the thing keeps insisting on using the filter "just topics I started" (won't let me choose "forums").
  13. Everything is loading really slowwwwwllllyyyy...... Wonder what's up.

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