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  1. New Motto: Worry less, Live more!

  2. Deserthen

    Important! Please Read

    Mary, THANK YOU so much for all that you did over the past many days to save the PS boards! You are amazing! Thank you, Thank you!
  3. Deserthen

    Important! Please Read

    Mary, Keep us posted on the move and if anything will change such as the url or name for access. (does that even make sense? lol) And again, Thank you for all that you are doing!
  4. Deserthen

    Important! Please Read

    Well this sounds like it could be good news! Keeping fingers crossed! These boards are a lifesaver to so many! Thank you, Thank you Mary for working so hard to save what you can of PS and for putting your own plans for the day aside to work on this critical issue! GIANT HUGS to you!
  5. I need to learn to go with the flow, but that is easier said than done!


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