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  1. Thanks MaryO, you always save the day! I will try this tonight. Peace to you Cabo
  2. Can someone help direct me to find an answer to why while on the guest chats everytime someone adds a remark my screen bounces back to the opening. I then pull the bar down to the end and see what was said and then poof back to the top. I unfortunately am not computer savvy and this is so frustrating. Thanking you in advance and Peace Cabo
  3. Can someone direct me Jr music? thanks as always Peace Cabo
  4. Happy Valentines Day to all my friends here at Power Surge. It only takes a little to give a lot. Love is almost contagious, now we really need to give.Best wishes to you all and Peace. Oh yeah, indulge today on something good, book, chocolate, wine, whatever!! Cabo
  5. Gemini, how nice that you can be in Scotland over the weekend. I hope you enjoy your time with your daughter. Have fun, see you soon and Peace Cabo
  6. ?*******HAPPY ANNIVERSARY POWER SURGE******** ?AND THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAREST- For what I consider to be one of the best things in my life, this wonderful place you have made and nurtured. This Power Surge has helpled so many people, it is so clear to see. It is amazing to see how many ?woman have passed through this stage and still are so very active here. That is such an indication of what this means to them. To us, we gain from them wisdom, compassion and humor. When I first arrived here, believe me I felt like my best gift which was laughter was so very gone. I felt like every creative bone I had in my body up to that point was whisked away and I never knew where it went or why. Only, through here (which I swear I was divinely led) did I recognize why and acceptance and understanding to all this. Oh, and by the way early on someone suggested that I should just watch funny movies on a weekend. Something so simple and guess what it began to "do the trick" Laughter is back. So, what can I say to you Alice, that could ever show my gratefulness? And to all the great moderators, like you mentioned. I am so thankful to all of you. You are the Best girls. How proud you should all feel that you help so many people, so freely. One of the greatest gifts of Love I think is Service. You have the market cornered. Anyway Peace to you all forever and ever. Cabo (Carol)
  7. Lolly,, I feel dreadful for you. I know something will work out.You have been so good to them, and they know it.You have done your best. Sometimes, life takes the weirdest turns and seem oh so unfair. I can't figure it out. Please try and hang in there. I am a firm believer, that goodness does (eventually) prevail. I will think of you and keep you in my thoughts Lolly. Take care and just keep emailing her. That is your connection. Peace Cabo
  8. Gemini, always good to see your posts. Peace Cabo
  9. Good Morning all and Welcome to 2003-Happy New Year and All the Best to all my friends here on Power Surge. I wish you all health, peace of mind, time to enjoy, and of course, the best medicine of all-laughter! Thank you all for your kindness you bestow upon one another and myself. I have truly learned how wonderful and caring people are here at Power Surge. Peace to all this new year. Cabo
  10. Jennimarie, Glad to hear from you.How are you and your husband doing.I hope things are well for you. Let us know and Merry Christmas and Peace Cabo
  11. Lolly, Aloha, how great that story is. Happy Holidays to you Peace Cabo
  12. Gemini hello, sounds like your almost ready! Me too. Its a great holiday. The pudding and Christmas cake sound lovely, I was wondering if you could give me the recipe for your icing. The English icing is always so good. Hope I am not imposing, if so not to worry. Thanking you in advance and Peace Cabo
  13. MaryO, I know this isn't the right topic for the question, bu, bear with me please. While sending birthday greetings this am, I noticed that you said "click here'" to add. Well I did and the subjest was closed. I couldn't add. Am I doing something wrong? Can you help me out with an answer please? Thank you MaryO. Peace Cabo
  14. auramom, At the bottom of every post or message there is a spot that reads " Post Reply " you press that and then you can reply. I hope this is what you mean. If not someone else will surely have the right answer. Peace and Welcome Cabo
  15. Dearest, ? ? ? ?I guess I look too soon. I am always excited to read them and must look the next morning. Just now though, I looked for Kathy Smiths transcript from last time on and it was there. Oh well, thank you for the information, as my mother always said "Just Ask". I am so happy to see you on the board, you are in everyones thoughts. Please take care. Peace Cabo

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