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  1. tried the top right hand corner, but all i get is the entire board and all topics...need some help please.
  2. mary o....can i blame this on meno?.....lol i don't blame you for not understanding, but you did anyways.....oh mary o, i do like the new skin, but went back to the old until the fog clears up....besides that, i had trouble getting in and when i finally did....i forgot what the place looked like.....lol i think i'm on the right trail, thanks for the help and trying to make the place look good...
  3. i'm totally lost here now.....totally......what changed about this board?.........mary o i recall asking you a question some time ago, about private and or sewcret and i can't even find it now ...it's like starting over again, what am i missing?....
  4. hi mary, why is the group secret?
  5. the site can be full of malaware, there is a lot of links posted on here from all kinds of sites....maybe the board run its course and they are letting the board go...
  6. i don't have norton either...and it's still alerting me...never seen this before, what's weird is the scans were clean.... glad they are looking into it..
  7. same thing as above today....malicious software
  8. logging on the forum it tells me there is malicious software being installed......anyone know what that is all about here is a link http://safebrowsing.clients.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?client=Firefox&hl=en-US&site=http://www.power-surge.com/php/forums/index.php?showtopic=27454&hl=
  9. anyone know how to asjust this text?
  10. we did ...thanks dearest now i have a new problem...........each time i go to type a message my text goes back to minimum size....i have to keep adjusting it manually.
  11. just posting a new problem i have.....each time i click on "view new content" i keep getting "Sorry, no new content found." anyone have the same problem?
  12. the board is crawling at a snail pace.
  13. board looks fine, except blue is hard on the eyes....possible to have it in white please.
  14. heya temp! just doing a flyby with some x's and O's.

    peace and giggles to you, chickienoodle!



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