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  1. I've been in peri menopause for about ten years and I think I'm finally menopausal as I didn't have a period for 13 months...then I got a period last January, 2014 and haven't had one since. I'm pretty sure that's it as I am 55 years old. Okay, so during this time I've had high anxiety on and off for most of these years. I've been on and off anti-depressants and anti anxiety drugs. Which brings me to you....how long and how much of the Ativan do you take? The reason I ask is because this could be a big part of your problem. I recently got off of klonopin after being on it every day for about 14 months. I found out that after a few weeks of being on an anti anxiety drug, you start to develop a tolerance to the drug...it stops working and you start having worse symptoms than before you started taking it. I would recommend you go on a Web site called Benzo Buddies. It may key to unlock the mystery of what is going on. All of the symptoms you are describing are that of a benzodiapine withdrawal.
  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! Best regards, Marie

  3. I,m so glad you finally got relief I,m stii searching but I will find it someday. God Bless.

  4. (((((jones)))))

    i'm so so sorry that you, too, experienced such a deep & untimely loss that hot summer, so many years ago. thinking of you & sending love, ellen

  5. I just read your blog about the loss of your mother. I am so sorry. I too remember that very long hot summer of 1988. I too am from the Midwest and that was the year we lost my brother. I think that's why I hate the hot weather so much, it is a reminder of such a sad time.

  6. Thank you so much for your kinds words. Yeah, this is very scary time in our lives. Fortunately, we have each other to hang on to!

    Thanks again,


  7. Welcome to Power Surge. I am so sorry you are dealing w/ this crazy peri too. It is really hard on some of us. Please take care.



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