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  1. Hi Des - Just popping by to say hi - hope you're doing well. Best, Marie :)

  2. Hi des,

    I am really sorry you are feeling so depressed. I am keeping you in my thought hoping my positive vibes will reach you and give you hope and strength to believe that you will get better BECAUSE I KNOW YOU WILL. I DID. love B?atrice

  3. Hi, I tried to add myself as a friend. You can add me if you like. Take care Des. Meno Stuff

  4. Just wanted to drop in and say hi!

    God Bless


  5. Thanks for posting that. I am using Firefox (which I called Foxfire on another thread, lol), and now everything is okay. On Internet Explorer, dates were off, my posts were missing, etc.
  6. Very weird, NOW my post two above shows up! In just seconds after posting the last one. Something is definitely wrong. I'll not post for a while. Thanks.
  7. None of my posts are showing up now. I posted two yesterday, one above this one I am typing now (was to Mary O). It showed, then was deleted. Am I banned?
  8. I suppose they are taking a while to show up, as I mentioned earlier. Just a few minutes ago, I posted about severe fatigue in Other Health Issues and it does not show up right now as the last thread. But it does show up (twice) in my profile as what I've posted. I'll just check back later. Thanks MO.
  9. MaryO, same problem with some of the threads. On General Issues, non-menopausal, I posted on Heartburn and Ativan, but the main board shows that chocolatewoman posted last on Feb. 29. It should say DesRothchild, Mar 3. I just see it occasionally on some threads--only problem would be that we don't see that something new has been posted. Anyway, maybe it is just slow to catch up?
  10. No, nothing to do with "Important Topics," just the regular, member topics that were posed, and they show on the main board as the last topic and who posted last on it. But they are correct now, so maybe it was a short problem. Most of the ones I saw were off completely, and my new post "at the time" did not show as newest. But it has been fixed, anyway. Thanks.
  11. I don't know where to ask about this, but the "Last Post" column on the main page of the boards (I know I'm not saying that right--I'm not very computer literate) does not show the last post. Sometimes it shows the post from a thread 3 or 4 down from the last thread. Not every topic, but many of them. Maybe this has already been addressed, if it has, sorry.
  12. I just wanted to tell you I enjoy your posts so much, and to wish you a very Merry Christmas. ((((Hugs)))) Viktoria

  13. DesRothchild

    Dearest, the boards are great! )

    I also love the new boards. And I love Mary's little Victorian girl. It is just the cutest thing.

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