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  1. havnt been here in awhile...hope every bodys doing well

  2. i LOVE how direct you are! you crack me up!

    hugs doodlepie!

  3. hope you are better today...will be praying for you, take care,

  4. hola,,,hope to be your first friend, we can never have too many of them....

  5. i would like to be your friend, you can never have too many.....

  6. hey silly lady with the fun sense of humor.

    hope all is well with you!


  7. hope you have a joyous day,happy birthday.......

  8. hope you are enjoying the veiw.....

  9. yeah, thanks for visiting mine as well.

  10. thanks for visiting my profile. :)

  11. Hi, Am winking at 60 with 26 years married and 2children/grandchildren

  12. hi welcome, hope to be your first friend!!!

  13. oh boy have I spent alot of time outside this weekend and the week before as well as today, rain is coming, but the sun feels so good again on my face. Enjoy, Mikki

  14. yes bring on spring, 50 degrees all week, i love it, it might help my deppression..... bye from the gal from wisc

  15. opps, ending cut off, it said:

    i hope others "get it".




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