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  1. If you need any information about how the Power Surge Message board works, you will find answers in the HELP AREA linked below: http://www.power-surge.com/php/forums/index.php?app=core&module=help Best, Dearest
  2. Members can no longer start new topics in this forum. As you can see, many newcomers have posted topics regarding issues that belong in other forums. This forum is strictly for problems with the message board, blogs and Live Chat. If you have any questions, post them in this or any of the other existing topics. They will be read by me and other board administrators and you will receive a reply. You can also send a PM (personal message) to "Board Administrator" or to me, "Dearest" if you have a problem. These new Power Surge message boards have been up for about a month. Many of you have had no problems with them at all, while others have been unable to log in after they've registered. Sometimes, when people have written to me saying they couldn't log in, the board administrator has successfully logged in with their name and password. On the main screen it shows that over 450 members have signed on already, so it's apparent that not everyone is having problems. I realize that many of you became accustomed to the old boards, but, unfortunately, those boards had over 25,000 messages and it was causing a strain on the server the Web site is on, which is why these boards were installed on a different server. I was told if I left the old boards on the old server, I risked losing the entire Web site. I don't think any of you want to see that happen. For those of you who have asked why we couldn't have boards without registration, the registration is necessary for the purposes of maintenance and organization. It's also easier to log in once and not have to retype your name for each message, plus these boards have many more features than the old boards. So, for those of you who've had difficulty registering and/or signing onto the new boards, please be advised that we're working on correcting the problem. I have received your E.mails. I have responded to as many as I can. The last resort will be to install an entirely new board, while preserving all your messages and registration information. I appreciate your cooperation and patience. This has been very trying on all of us, but I promise the problem will be resolved one way or the other next week. In the event this board ever goes down, I've set up a temporary board here.I strongly recommend bookmarking the temporary board once you get there.
  3. Like many of you, I've prayed and cried for the victims of the devastating hurricane, Katrina -- those in New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast (Gulfport, Biloxi). Thousands upon thousands of people have lost loved ones, lost their homes, all their belongings and have nothing since this catastrophic event but the clothing they were wearing when it hit. Outside the Convention Center in New Orleans, the sidewalks were packed with people without food, water or medical care, and with no sign of law enforcement. Thousands of storm refugees had been assembling outside for days, waiting for buses -- that did not come. This is an horrendous situation. PRAYER is great, BUT what would be most helpful would be to DONATE. They need money! Not items like clothing or food, but money. From what I understand, money donated to "Hurricane Relief" at American Red Cross is immediately turned over to the victims as debit cards which they can use to buy whatever they need. It doesn't matter how much you send, but how can any of us sit back and do nothing? Just imagine, if everyone in the United States alone sent even one dollar -- how much money that would contribute to the victims. And, many of us can afford much more than one dollar. Contributions would be most appreciated from anywhere in the world. They also say to check with your company to see if they're engaging in a "matching donations" program. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Some reputable organizations being recommended to make donations - which can be done via the Internet or by sending in a check marked "Katrina Relief" -- are: American Red Cross Click on the Red "Donate Now" button and then: "Hurricane 2005 Relief and other Related Events" You can also call 1.800.HELP.NOW (1-800.435.7669) United Way - Hurricane Katrina Response Fund The Salvation Army United Jewish Communities: Federation of North America United Freedom Corps - Hurricane Katrina Relief ... and let's not forget the animals: The Humane Society of the United States - Promoting The Protection of All Animals You'll find all the information you need on the above sites, or select an organzation of your choice. Just be cautious because there has been news of many bogus fund-raising organizations popping up to collect money that will only end up in their own pockets. Be especially cautious about responding to E.mails soliciting donations. Let's all band together and do what we can to help Thank you. Dearest and Power Surge
  4. The Power Surge Message Board has been upgraded - although the work isn't complete. I, personally, have been awake for approximately 40 hours. For those who don't know, Bijay is Power Surge's senior engineer. He does the "stuff" I can't. He's worked for Power Surge for years and is a good, honorable and reliable friend. However, India is 9 1/2 hours ahead of Eastern time in the states. I was up to meet him at 1 A.M. to begin the task of downloading an upgraded Invision Power message board. The board has been overrun by spammers and has needed an upgrade for some time. Unfortunately, I was focused on trying to get my home back together after a fire that destroyed everything in my house 2 1/2 years ago. It's okay, say it, it's always something! In any event, the board requires additional work - to be sure! However, it was late in India, so I told Bijay as we'd been at it for many hours, and that we could work more on it tomorrow. To add to my dilemma, today and tomorrow is Rosh Hashona - the Jewish New Year - for those of you who don't know. I wouldn't ordinarily be doing this on the highest of Jewish holidays of the year, but it has to be done. Bijay thought we might keep the board down until tomorrow and until we make all the changes and corrections I want appearance-wise. However, I figured better to have an aesthetically "not-so-perfect" board than to have none at all for another day. So, do the best you can working around whatever hasn't been completed. They'll probably be mostly cosmetic, but we're aware of what was on the board before and what I want to remain on the board without having to search your brains out for them However, one never knows what you may see that may slip my mind, so if you have a suggestion for something that's missing, feel free to post a reply as to what it is. All best, Dearest
  5. We got it fixed. To the right of "Read New Content" on the menu, I noticed a symbol (kind of like a pear-shaped diamond). I suggested template click on that symbol - and on the next screen, to be sure to click on "Communities," and there's another link to read new content. That one worked for her. Dearest
  6. The bottom line is that the message board had a major power surge some time between 3 AM Saturday morning and now, 3 AM Sunday morning. The problem has been resolved. The board has been restored with a backed up file from 24 hours ago. Therefore, if you managed to post any messages during the past 24 hours, they won't show up in this restored back-up. Please feel free to post your messages again, and please be patient. As you all should know by this juncture/transition of your life, many things don't run as we would have them. I'm going to get some much needed sleep. Best, Dearest
  7. I'm anxiously awaiting a response from the invision Board people. The blog should be showing up soon. Please be patient, This has been a particularly complex upgrade and is not going to happen overnight. Thanks for your patience, MommaJo. Dearest
  8. A new topic for navigating the Power Surge board will be created. Much of the current information in this forum was written for the previous version of the board. The board has many new changes. We are still in the process of setting up the features. Your patience and cooperation are appreciated. Thank you. Dearest
  9. wifeisdepressed, It is not your browser that caused the problem with the "Report" button not showing. It was simply not there! For some reason, still unbeknownst to me, the Invision Board people did not set up the default configuration with many features everyone would want - and that included the "report" button. However, as you can see that problem has been remedied - as will the rest of them. Part of the problem, too, was that the previous version of the board (in many incarnations) had a myriad of links to make everything so much easier for everyone. This newest version is the most convoluted and complex of any I've ever seen, but in the end, it will be easy to navigate. We're getting there. It simply requires everyone's cooperation and patience. Thanks, Dearest
  10. Don't waste our valuable time with your ridiculous user ID, like password and e.mail addresses. You're outta here. Go make trouble somehwere else.

  11. Index page of June 25, 2001 Forbes Magazine's Best of the Web issue (that's me in the upper righthand corner)
  12. Please be advised that new topics can be created by members in most forums on these boards, but THE BASICS forum (this one) and a few others require a board administrator to create new topics. Also, please don't create new topics until you've gone through the existing topics on any given forum to be sure one doesn't already exist. Even if you post in an old topic, the moment you post a message, it will bring that topic back to the top of the forum. Thank youDearest
  13. NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY REMINDER: Sixteen (16) days from today, all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888.382.1222. It is the National DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. It will only take a minute of your time. It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you are wanting to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number. You can also register your landline telephone number(s) via the above toll-free number, but you MUST CALL FROM THE NUMBER YOU ARE REGISTERING -- OR you can register any number online at www.DoNotCall.gov HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS INFORMATION ON TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Dearest
  14. *** ADDENDUM: UPDATE A FEW MESSAGES BELOW THIS ONE *** This is to inform you that tomorrow night, Wednesday, Oct. 29th, OR Thursday morning, Oct. 30th (I'll keep you updated), the board is going to be upgraded. That means the board will be offline for a few hours. Again, at this moment I don't know the exact time, but will post it here and in the ANNOUNCEMENTS ON EVERY FORUM when the board will be offline during the upgrade. The reason for the upgrade is the same reason that I had to remove the Insta-Chat. In the past few weeks more than 1,000 spam-bots have registered for the board. Many of you saw what they did in Insta-chat, posting links to pornographic and other inappropriate (more aptly, disgusting) sites. I've had to manually suspend as many of those accounts as I could. I stopped at 450 because I just can't do it any longer. The saving grace is that this problem isn't on the Power Surge message board alone, but these spam-bots hit thousands of sites' message boards. Therefore, the company that makes this board is aware of this serious problem and has an upgrade to, hopefully (fingers, toes, eyes crossed) resolve the problem. In any event, for those of you who know already and for newcomers, I try to cover all bases, so in the event this board is taken offline for an upgrade or maintenance, or we've run into a problem we need to resolve, there's a temporary (secondary) Power Surge board you can use here: http://www.quicktopic.com/33/H/NDHffQWfq3HVW Once there, you might want to bookmark it (make it a favorite) for future use. Dearest
  15. UPDATE ON THE BOARD UPGRADE: This is to inform you that Thursday morning, Oct. 30th, the board is going to be upgraded. The upgrade is scheduled to begin between the hours of 9 AM and 1 PM, eastern time. I'm unable to provide the specific time. If you read the top message, you'll see the info about the temporary board I use in situations like this. Just a reminder if you feel a need to communicate with one another, the temp board is at: http://www.quicktopic.com/33/H/NDHffQWfq3HVW Dearest
  16. That site is not connected to this one. Click on "Sign In" at the top and register with the same information you have here. Dearest
  17. You may have noticed on the menu (the yellow one) at the top of the board, it now says "Blogs." The link isn't working just yet because we're in the process of configuring the new BLOG that's been added to the site as an extension of this message board. You must be a registered member to create your own blog or to read them. Please remember that the same Guidelines that govern the Power Surge message board and insta-chat also apply to the blogs. Until it's completely configured, if you click on the link, you will get this message: The error returned was: You have no permission to view the Blogs I'll let you know when it's ready to be used. Please use this topic for any Q's & A's about the blogs. Also, the yellow "HELP" link next to "BLOGS" will open up the help area. If you click on Community Blog it will explain how to start and manage your own blog. I would also suggest that you use your registered user name as the name of your blog -- and remember, as I always have cautioned you -- anyone can read your blog as they can read everything else on this board and the rest of the site, SO don't put in anything personal that you wouldn't want "out there" for anyone to see. I'll be learning about how it works along with the rest of you. so we'll all be learning together. Have fun with it Dearest
  18. This is new for me, Linda. I haven't really put comments in profiles, but I wanted to tell you, you're the best! :) Alice

  19. If you're logged in, you can always scroll down to the bottom of the screen to use Insta-Chat. Only registered members who are logged in can access the Insta-Chat AND the Main Chat Room. Regarding problems with the main chat room and for those who don't know how to send PM's (personal messages) and use the features on this message board, there's a specific forum for NEW MEMBERS called New Members: Read First. I strongly suggest you read the New Member Information: Read First. It will explain everything you need to know about the above features plus how to use the message board. If you don't wish to read the entire message, scroll through and look at the emboldened yellow titles for the subject you're interested in. If you have any other questions, you can always ask at: the Contact Us Page. If it involves the message board, be sure to include your registered User Name. Dearest
  20. Alisa, When I type in power-surge.com in my browser's address window, it takes me directly to the main page of the Web site. When I type in power-surge.com/php/forums in my browser's address window, it takes me directly to this board. When I type in power-surge.com in google, here's what I get: Product search results for power surge Recoton SM6 6 ... $5.80 - Parts Express ... Power Surge $13.34 - SchoolFundStore.com Plastic Surge ... $5.50 - Ram Plus Computers, Inc. See power surge results available through Google Checkout 1) Power Surge A menopause community addressing menopause symptoms, menopause treatments and menopause support for women going through the transition from perimenopause to ... http://www.power-surge.com/ - 62k - Cached - Similar pages Message Boards -- About Your Hormones 34 Signs of Menopause -- Feeling Internal Shaking Survival Tips -- Vaginal Dryness Recommendations -- Educate Your Body More results from power-surge.com ? 2) Menopause Newsletters - POWER SURGE Menopause Articles, FAQ's ...Menopause newsletters, articles, women's health issues. http://www.power-surge.com/news.htm - 48k - Cached - Similar pages 3) PowerSurge :: Windows Shared Hosting, Linux Shared Hosting ...Powersurge offers business web hosting for windows shared hosting, linux shared hosting, and MS SQL hosting. http://www.powersurge.com/ - 27k - Cached - Similar pages ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I type "powersurge" into google, I get the exact same results as the top 3 listed above ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The last one of the top 3 IS a hosting company at http://www.powersurge.com (without the hypen), rather than http://www.power-surge.com, this site (with the hyphen). Again, I strongly recommend anyone having these problems go into their browser and PURGE THEIR CACHE - which means, clean out your temporary Internet files, delete all your cookies, delete your history - the whole kit 'n kaboodle. It may be the problems keep occurring for some people because they haven't purged their cache. If you're worried about deleting cookies, trust me, this is something you should do every day. If you're saving cookies because it helps you to get into a site without typing in a password, BEAR IN MIND THAT YOU'RE ALSO RETAINING ALL SORTS OF *SPYWARE* IN YOUR COOKIES. Dearest
  21. Floater, Thank you for posting that info and letting me know. That was one of the directories added by the hacker. I deleted it and just checked and found it was back again. I just contacted my hosting company and they deleted the directory via some means I can't access. I'll have to keep watching it. If anyone clicks on that link NOW, it goes to Power Surge's error page - not a general error page on the Internet, but the error page on Power Surge which means that directory and file DO NOT EXIST ON MY SERVER. ****DEAREST NOTE: IN THE EVENT THIS DIRECTORY REAPPEARS ON THE SERVER, I RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE. CLICKING ON THE LINK ITSELF SHOULDN'T DO ANY DAMAGE. HOWEVER, IF YOU *DO* CLICK ON THE LINK, CLICK "CANCEL." DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SAVE THE FILE TO YOUR COMPUTER. Dearest frustrated
  22. arla, Exactly how are you trying to get to the message board? Through a bookmark in Internet Explorer? If you could give me some more specific information it will help me figure out why you're getting an error message. Please provide this information. Thanks, Dearest
  23. Juliann, exactly how are you trying to get to the message board? Through your Favorite Places on AOL? Through a bookmark in Internet Explorer? If you could give me some more specific information it will help me figure out why you're getting an error message. Please provide this information. Thanks, Dearest
  24. I found the problem. This was part of the work of a hacker a month ago. I thought most of the files (I have no idea HOW he put them up on the server) were removed. I just deleted a directory he put up. It makes certain areas of the site go to a different site. It's gone now. I hope that's the end of the error messages, but who knows where he put all these nasty files. CAN THOSE OF YOU WHO HAD THESE PROBLEMS PLEASE TRY AGAIN AND REPORT WHETHER YOU'RE STILL GETTING THE SAME ERROR MESSAGES OR WARNINGS. ALSO, BE SURE TO PURGE YOUR CACHE - CLEAN OUT TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES, COOKIES AND HISTORY BEFORE COMING BACK TO THE SITE. THANKS. I wish these hackers would get lives. Dearest P.S. I'd also recommend that you reboot your computers, close all programs and run a virus check on your computers. You should do so on a regular basis anyway - and run a spyware check as well.
  25. squiggle, My "Power Surge Quick Links" are working fine and so are the links to the articles on the right. Dearest

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