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  1. what a face! love love love that face! aren't dogs just precious?

    oodles of hugs genie!


  2. Thanks genielisa,for the birthday wish! Yes, Aug. 10th is a great day! ;):)


  3. Thank you for the birthday wish. You have a great day too!

  4. You have a great Birthday too! Aug. 10th - a great day! HaHa!

  5. Hi genielisa,

    Happy Birthday!! :)

    We share the same birthday! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Love your doggie pics too.


  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Have a fantastic day. Love the picture of the dog!!!!!

  7. LOVE That schnauzer!

    15 and 10...so you have a significant age gap between your students. mine were 22 months apart and opted to stay in the same grade so they could study together. sure made my life easier! all the best!

  8. I've got two boys. The oldest is 15 and in 9th and the youngest is 10 and in 4th. I've still got a way to go but we love it.

  9. yep, we homeschooled all the way through!!!!! YEAH! my youngest is preparing to write his SAT and then we ARE DONE!!!!!! how old R your kids?

  10. Hi. Thanks for the comment. I noticed that you homeschool. I do too!

  11. hey! u came by my profile page. too bad i wasn't there...we could have green tea and chatted! THANKS!

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