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  1. Siaran

    Important! Please Read

    Mrs. Allan!!! Nice to see you here. Hope you are doing well.
  2. I changed back, still loving the snow :] Thanks for the option.
  3. I love it. It's the only wintery, snowy thing we have seen this year (temps in the upper 60s and 70s). As everyone else said, it works better for my getting older eyes, but I like the other one too.
  4. getting malware/virus notice but no other problems that I've noticed.
  5. Yep, today firefox tried to keep me out. I came in anyway. I love living on the edge. LOL
  6. Can't get into the forums from Google Chrome, tells me this is a site with malicious software. No problem getting in with Firefox.
  7. Hi Gracie. I saw a post from you yesterday that is not there today. I hope that doesn't mean you have really left. Your posts are kind and compassionate and much appreciated.

  8. Hoping you are feeling much better now.


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