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Well I'm 49 now and have been on this roller coaster for a few years.I started with digestive problems and then anxiety,insomnia,night sweats,mood swings,fatigue,nausea and weird tingling up and down my spine.I had all that at once a couple of years ago.It kept me isolated and simple outings and chores became a challenge.But I read positive books,did gentle yoga and took many vitamins and herbs to help heal me.I finally forced myself out whether I felt like it or not.I didn't want to miss one more of my children's games or concerts.I learned to fight through the waves of anxiety,with my bottle of cold water and chewing gum and ignoring the thoughts that told me I might pass out or throw up.I'm not out of it yet,I still get weird symptoms and some anxiety.I think I've come through the worst with the help of my friends on PS and hope that I can also help others. As I'm approaching the big 50 my anxiety is so much better.I have bouts of uneasyness and mild anxiety.Nothing like the debilitating stuff I had when I first came here.I did have hyperthyroid that may have gone undetected but has seamed to adjust on it's own.I also found out the healing powers of magnesium,which I think I had a depletion of as my symptoms of twitches,jolts,heart palps and sound sensitivity have gone.I now struggle with weight gain,fatigue,bloat,spotting,flooding,health anxiety and occasional hot flashes.Of coarse this changes on a daily basis.Most periods are skipped or late so I guess there is no question I'm well on my way.But all in all it's much better,I rarely miss anything and am more social.


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