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    I love country music and I enjoy cooking and reading. We have a log cabin in northern New Hampshire and I love going up there and just relaxing and watching the wildlife. I'm an animal lover, and have 4 Schipperkes who are my babies, Breezy, Dena, Cody & Buddy :-)
  1. Oh gee I see I gave you my animal list . Well since I got 2 skinny pigs.I see you dogs in your picture very cute I must say.

  2. Hi Again, Oh yes I know what they look like , ver cute. I also have fur babies 1 cocker spaniel, 1 aussie shepard, 1 cat and 2 lizards. They are my life .

  3. Hi Cathym,

    Thanksr the welcome. I have 3 Schipperkes...don't know if you've ever heard of them. They are small black tailless dos that look like little foxes. Two are rescues. They are my babies :-)

  4. Hi Schipmom, Welcome to power surge !!There is a lot of knowledge on here so take advantage .What kind of fur babies do you have?


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