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  1. Thanks for the compliment, from one beach girl to another! Let's build sand castles in the air!

  2. What a beautiful picture, both you and the baby are just gorgeous.

  3. I like your new screen name, it took me a while before I realized, but I do get confused so easily!

    You are very beautiful for a 98 year old woman!

  4. Happy Birthday, sister Saggitarius. Hold onto 49 as long as you can. A woman past the age of 50 is invisible.

  5. Hey, Shakin'..WOW!! You are truly an inspiration to us all. Anyone that can lift for an hour, THEN do 45 minutes of cardio DESERVES to brag about it! I am so happy you caught the fitness bug. Here's to being stronger, better women. Cheers!!

  6. Thanks for the compliment, Sal. Get ready to rip the arm seams out of all your long sleeved blouses with pride!!

  7. Thanks for the compliment boo. The downside of muscular arms is that I can't wear long sleeved blouses without ripping the arm seams out! But there are worse things.....

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