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  1. Thanks for the compliment. I hope everything works out for you personally and with your work in India.


  2. u came by my profile page :) thanks. just read through your blogs. you are an amazing writer! BTW, my post that u replied to actually referred to the one i had just written on about light at the end...didn't know if that was clear or not. LOVE the insight of the guys on this board. someday i am going 2 get my DH on here to read it :) now i just read stuff 2 him and he's happy w/that

  3. Frank,

    We are praying for you.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Always appreciated.

  5. 'ey Truly.......some heavy do-do going on in relationships.......hope you get it figured out and find more peace! Be well......boo

  6. Hello TRULY! Your picture reminds me of Phantom of the Opera!!! Love it!!


  7. Hi truly...thanks for visiting my page.

  8. Truly,

    Way to stir up that hornets nest! Glad you're still with us. There's a lot of blah blah blah blah here, (even I get a little weary of it) and I think some of us may have gotten too used to dishing it out and have forgotten how it feels to receive! SELF CONTROL ladies! Truly, you and my husband should commiserate.

  9. Truly,

    I see you went to my Profile..... thought I'd look at yours.

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