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    Sunny South USA...WAY South...
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    Music, Movies, Reading Inspector Lynley Mysteries (Elizabeth George), I'm starting to be interested in "Girl things". Like my toes and toe rings...things that are pink, the idea, even at 40, of wearing a bikini again...some day, romantic comedies, RAINY SUNDAY MORNINGS! Twilight Zone marathons. I am absolutely head over heels crazy about my son and my two cats Gina and Tina. Two italian sisters that are each other's alter egos. Cheese cake and Key Lime pie. Strappy sandals...or bare feet. The ocean shore...in the DEAD of winter. Seagulls and fiddler crabs. The mystery of what lives in a patch of offshore seaweed. My one pair of jeans that actually makes my butt look bigger than my gut. Men that are gentlemen and women that are ladies. Huge, larger than life, Epic super-adventure movies...at the theatre...with popcorn...soda...and somebody I love.
  1. Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering. ~

    Winnie the Pooh, Pooh’s Little Instruction Book


    love your profile pic!

  2. way to go with the flow on the games - sometimes we need to let the testosterone & culture mix play out. glad it went well & the new will present at the right time.

    ellen -who can still spin the bball on my fingers.

  3. Had the game night. There were no girls! The boys wanted to play basketball, so I gave in. It would have been nice to play the funner games, I went inside and hit the ping pong ball against the wall. The boys had a total blast wearing out my aging husband. Haha When they came indise we had chips and salsa with soda. One of them had e-mailed us by the time we got home and told us what a

  4. Hi Sister-

    I deleted my blog cuz I felt it caused me to concentrate to much on my symptoms. Hope your feeling better.



  5. What happened to your blog?

  6. I'm only here a few days a week, but would definitely read when you need to write. I too am struggling to bounce back from overload. I snapped about five months ago, and have been very fragile both emotionally and physically ever since. I haven't done any of the tests, I don't know if I'm peri-meno, meno, or just plain nuts and I'm never going to be normal again

  7. Monica, your July 22 post asked for where we were all from. USA for me, but you probably knew that. I hope you're doing all right.

  8. Hi Monica, how are you? I'm in the middle of home projects before the school year begins. I don't have the free time right now to be here for hours everyday like I was. I haven't forgotten about you.

  9. Good morning--Just read some of your blog for the first time---must tell you---we sound very similar--very interesting reading! I'm in same boat you are!

  10. Hi Sistergolden -

    Not sure if you allow comments on your blog but I've sent you a few and just wanted to be sure you've got them, im any case. I hope you have a great day!!


  11. Heidi, a belated thank you for the visit to my profile. I blog here more than anything else, so I don't look around much, although I do like the naked honesty of your posts. I am in Florida also. You should make a blog. I like it better than the message boards. Although I have followed some of the more unique ones, the message boards often seem too busy, cluttered, repetitive, one sided a

  12. Truly,

    Way to stir up that hornets nest! Glad you're still with us. There's a lot of blah blah blah blah here, (even I get a little weary of it) and I think some of us may have gotten too used to dishing it out and have forgotten how it feels to receive! SELF CONTROL ladies! Truly, you and my husband should commiserate.

  13. Hi Golden..! I got your comment and am trying to figure out how to leave one for you...hope I do it correctly...yes, it is beautiful here- it was more beautiful in years past though- you know..."progress" not always so good.....too many buildings now...


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