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  1. hi carol! keep taking your vitamin d, make sure it's d3!! i'm puerto-rican so i'm on the darker side too. i think i lost a lot of d because about a year ago i stopped playing tennis and i think my body was like, wait, where's my daily dose of sun?? Anyway, take care of yourself. message me if you need anything or have any tips for me.! :)

  2. Hi Mom, Your name caught my eye since I'm also from Ky. (Frankfort). I hope you have finally found balance and if so, hope you can keep it. This is such an up & down journey.

    See you on the boards.

  3. Happy Birthday dear Carol!

    I hope all your friends and family remember and that you have a wonderful day

    Much Love

    Your Power-Surge Sister


  4. Armadillo, I think of you often and miss your sage advice. Would love to see you post again.

    Wishing you happiness and health!


  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I am looking forward to hanging out with you during our next attempt at weight loss in 2009!! Together we can do it!!! Hugs

  6. Glad to meet you Carol, never noticed you were local lol.

  7. ((((Carol))))

    Thank you SO much for your concern and thoughts with regard to my BIL. It is MUCH appreciated. Sending you (((Hugs)))


  8. just stopping by to say hello.....


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