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  1. Zebra,

    Welcome to PS! I think you're going to like it here because of all the support and help from all the wonderful ladies! Take care, Deb

  2. Debbie, Welcome to PS! I hope you visit PS often as there are so many wonderful and understanding women here! I hope your Christmas was very Merry! Deb

  3. Hi Bev, I just read your Christmas wish for me and I am so thankfful for your wonderful words! My Christmas was great and I hope yours was, too! Thanks for adding me to your friends' list, too! Have a great day, Deb

  4. dmar

    Hey Susan, I just dropped by to wish you a very wonderful Christmas Eve and I hope to talk with you soon! Love, Deb

  5. Welcome to PS! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Take care!

  6. Welcome, Mimibell, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Hey 12steps! Happy Birthday and welcome to PS!

  8. Happy Birthday, SuperSal!

  9. Hi Bev, I'm home from church because of all the snow today! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Deb

  10. Hey Bev! Haven't talked with you lately...I hope you're doing really great! Have a nice day! Deb

  11. Happy Birthday, Orange! I hope you're having a great day! deb

  12. dmar

    MacD, I just wanted to welcome you to PS and say hello!


  13. Hey, Uisurge, I didn't know you had surgery......I pray that all is well with you and we'll hear more from you very soon. Hugs to you from me! Deb

  14. Franky, Hope your birthday is a very special one! Deb

  15. Birthday wishes and prayers for you to get well and be happy again.


  16. HI madnmas, Welcome to PS! Take care, Deb

  17. Hi Suz, I just dropped by to say hello! Deb

  18. Uisurge, Hope you're enloying your day! Deb

  19. dmar

    Kikki, Welcome to PS. I'm glad you're here and I know you'll find much comfort from the wonderful ladies here! Deb

  20. Happy Birthday, TT! Hope you're having a great day!! Deb

  21. dmar

    Welcome to PS, katr, you're gonna love it here! deb

  22. Hi Bev, Have a great day! Deb

  23. Happy Birthday!!


  24. dmar

    Xayux, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one!! dmar

  25. dmar

    cvoor, I hope your birthday is very special!! dmar

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