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    Cooking....garage sales....small dinners with close friends....gabbing (obviously!)....making new friends online (as I have few in real life due to my hectic schedule)....and I want to relearn how to laugh!

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  1. Stopping by with HUGS for you, Ladybugs!

    ~Mary Beth

  2. LadyBugs....Hugs!~MB :)

  3. Lady, Wanted to drop by to say HI and HOW ARE YA? Goin to meetin time, so I must run! Have a great weekend! Hugs, bev

  4. Hi there Ladybugs.....just checking in to say hi.....hope you are well, babe. Been horrible myself, but going to gynea on 21st to chat rogue hormones. Yep, going to get this FIXED!! You take care, babe...

  5. Hi ladybugs just wanted to say hi. You dont know me very well just want to say are you doing ok. you have such a kind heart for taking in that doggie, bless you lady..

  6. Hello Ladybugs, We all need you on this board, so please don't leave us, ok? We're all in this together, you know. I hope you have a great weekend! Love ya! Paula

  7. Hi to Mrs. and Mr. Ladybugs. You'll get through these horror moans. What doesn't kill us, they say, makes us stronger. Bless you both, Suzanne

  8. I have been thinking about youj.......wondering how you're doing.........then I saw that you had dropped by. I musta been out, since I'm OUT more than I'm in here latelyj. Drop me a line sometime.....let me know how you are doing. big hugs, bev

  9. Hey Girlfriend!!! It's your BIRTHDAY!!!!! I HOPE IT'S THE BESTEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! I SURE DO MISS YOU!! PLEASE COME BACK!! Love and Hugs, bev

  10. (((((ladybugs)))))!!!!!!



  11. ladybugs...just wanted to check in on you and see how you are doing. Did hubby get the job or did you get a 2nd one?



  12. Hey! Just wanted to say it's been great getting to know you. Hope to chat with you often! I sure can't row this boat all alone and I so appreciate having you on here with me! Hugs, bev

  13. I just wanted to give you a big (((((HUG))))) ! You're obviously not alone :)

    Thinking of you,


  14. When will the insta chat be back? I am so used to starting my day that way that I feel crabby when I don't get my meno sista motivation!!! Any idea when it will be back?
  15. Ladybugs,

    I read your post in the insta chat. Is there anything I can do to help? Have you heard from your husband yet?




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