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    I love to read, write, sing, skate (though I don't know how to do it very well). I like to create and design stuff.
  1. p.s.

    as should her endurance, strength and wisdom.

  2. kollette,

    thanks for quoting Corrie;

    may her powerful legacy of humanity live on in the hearts and minds of all.


  3. AA, said i would drop a note, here i am. sorry to butt in last night while u were having some chat with the other ladies. as i was not following, i decided to give u ladies some pte time. hope u are doing fine. K

  4. kim, read your blog. nice work. i got fedup with the bhrt & quit. couldn't take prometrium. the headache was bad, drowsiness, & i was having bad leg cramps, & the ups & downs, just not worth it. later.


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