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  1. Hi Hoosier Fan,

    i am in the UK and love the band The Hoosiers, are they who you are a fan of? If not what Hoosier are you referring too missis? Amanda Mx

  2. Howdie there lady, how are you and your lovely boys? Ax

  3. Evening - you had any rain yet?

    We have had it cold just recently and the boys are sulking!! Eating their heads off too, nearly running out of hay and may have to buy it in for a few weeks. Amandax

  4. Thank you for your birthday message - I did not know there was a list of our fairy princess days. How rubbish am I!! Amanda x

  5. Hi Amanda Just reading the Birthday lists wanted to say Happy Birthday Hope you enjoy your day

  6. thanks for your comment about the post

    this bit in here is all new to me.confused LOL


  7. Tried to reply to your post, thank you but site crashed, will try later, Amanda x

  8. Send some rain this way. I need it for the grass to grow for Spring. Yep, it's time for me to give shots to the boys. I play vet!!!

  9. Saw you visited my page so thought I'd drop by yours and say hello fellow UK Surger. Whereabouts in the UK are you and how's your GP etc with the menopause stuff? Amanda

  10. Hi there, how are you all? My littles are very fed up, so much rain here. Vet on Friday for annual health check, teeth and jabs. Riding I hope on Saturday. Take care missis. Amanda x

  11. Happy New Year to you. Was aslepp nearly by midnight, dog chilled out on a Xanax so all good. How was yours? My naughty boys keep escaping from their field into next door. Spent most of christmas chaisng them back in!! Amandax

  12. Hello my horsey friend,,,hope you are starting your 2008 out with a BANG!!! Have a good one!

  13. Hi, the ride was chilly, Norm was a bit off so I rode Niko, who baacked me up a bank and refused to walk through the icy puddles! He was good otherwise though and we have got his jog trot off to a fine art now. How's the party? Mx

  14. Hey there, how was your ride? it is cold and rainy here.

  15. Hi, cannot suss out how to accept friend request, so sent you one! So nice to talk to you yesterday and what a small old world it is. Amanda


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