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  1. thanks for coming by my profile page! hope 2 c u around!

  2. thankx for coming by my profile page! i hope u r having a great day in Menoland!

  3. thank u for stopping by my profile page with your encouraging comment! rejoicing in His grace!

  4. HI! Just stopping by to say Hi! I hope you're feeling fine and dandy and I hope you're having a wonderful day! Blessings to ya! Deb

  5. thanks for coming by my profile page! see u around!

  6. thanks for coming by my profile page :)

  7. hey! thanks for coming by my profile page :) hope u have a great day...i am eager to read some of the stuff o nyour page, esp about sleep (or lack of it :) !!!)

  8. hey! thanks for coming by my profile page :) it has been a few days since anyone had been by so i really appreciate your visit :) have a great one!

  9. Thanks for the compliment. I hope everything works out for you personally and with your work in India.


  10. u came by my profile page :) thanks. just read through your blogs. you are an amazing writer! BTW, my post that u replied to actually referred to the one i had just written on about light at the end...didn't know if that was clear or not. LOVE the insight of the guys on this board. someday i am going 2 get my DH on here to read it :) now i just read stuff 2 him and he's happy w/that

  11. she hasn't been around sinc nov 15...am robin, am hoping you are OK and safe.

  12. LOVE That schnauzer!

    15 and 10...so you have a significant age gap between your students. mine were 22 months apart and opted to stay in the same grade so they could study together. sure made my life easier! all the best!

  13. I've got two boys. The oldest is 15 and in 9th and the youngest is 10 and in 4th. I've still got a way to go but we love it.

  14. yep, we homeschooled all the way through!!!!! YEAH! my youngest is preparing to write his SAT and then we ARE DONE!!!!!! how old R your kids?

  15. Hi. Thanks for the comment. I noticed that you homeschool. I do too!

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