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    I finally left my hub, and I'm happy to be alive. I have a new boyfriend, and I'm really, really, happy.
  1. Hey gf haven't seen u in a while so i thought i'd stop by and see what's hapening

  2. Hey.... Havent talked to you in ages, how are things with you ??? Hope all is well. Hugs Cathy

  3. Karms--

    Have a great b-day! oodles of hugs,


  4. Hi Kar, I hope you have a great Birthday? Take casre From Deb.

  5. Karma-Electric

    SO happy that things are finally going your way. Just read in chat that you are doing well and I am ever so happy for you.

    Hugs and Cheers


  6. Karma You didn't tell me Whatis a Esthetician? Hope I spelt that right!!

  7. karms--


    ...here's to many good times in the NEW YEAR with all my friends here at The Surge!

    oodles of happy new year hugs,


  8. Oh Karm I see you had a date last night... Was he a good one ? Was this your first date ???? Hope you had a great time !!!!!!

  9. M&M

    HAPPY CANADA DAY KARMA DAHLING~~~~~(singing:) Oh,Canada~~~~Enjoy your day, my dear Canadian Friend!! Love ya Lots!!! M&M ( marvelous & mean) hahaha

  10. Hi karma, just read your message, things moving faster that you anticipated? I guess it's best not to drag it out. Take care and e-mail if you ever have to vent. XXX


  11. hey karma,

    i was hoping i would make you feel a little better, by letting you know that i can totally relate to what you are going through...so, take care of yourself, kiddo, and hopefully i will talk to you soon!!! bye!!!



  12. karms,

    just thinking about you and hoping all is working out for you the way you want it to.

    oodles of hugs darlin'


  13. karma, my darling! i LOVE your new picture! Hope all is well, my friend.

    oodles of hugaroonies-


  14. Hi karma, hope you enjoy your easter break, take care.


  15. Karma, Hang in there. We care!


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