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  1. Hello June,

    I think you're doing a marvelous thing. I just popped in to say thank you.X

  2. Hi Antique !

    I need to send you a PM so we can chat about our buzzing and tingling. I enjoy reading your posts, as we share some similar symptoms.

    Hugs to you !

    Meno Stuff

  3. Hi Antique.....I keep missing you when you are here posting. Hope you are feeling well.....and not buzzing and tingling.

    Hugs to you !

    Meno Stuff

  4. Where are you Buzzing So Much?

  5. Hi Antique,just to say I read your post and it helped me knowing I am not alone with these strange scary symptoms sore breasts upset stomachs etc I see you were 44 when this started for you,the age I am now.Thankyou for sharing your story Kath

  6. Hello ANtique,

    I want to thank you for your great support. YOur messages and constant care have been a precious support for me in the last few days. It does make a difference to feel the caring around you.

    Love to you.


  7. Hi Rustie,

    Thank you for getting in touch. Antique

  8. Happy Birthday Janet ! Hugs Antique
  9. Me too! I just messaged my friend, Janet c to tell her that her message to me had disappeared and I hadn't had time to read it? I know it wasn't contentious. Hugs everybody Antique X
  10. Hi Antique,

    Stopped by to say hello! I love gardening and antique glass. I have had the buzzing and tingling today. lol!


    Meno Stuff

  11. Thinking of you tomorrow. Hugs

  12. Love your new post and I agree, the star thing is demeaning! I don't know what it's for either...I'm only a two star last time I looked. It's not very inclusive is it? Regards Antique

  13. Hi Antique, just a quick reply to your post. i'm still here with tremors, I take mag in powder form it seems to work for me. Tremors were less but started again. I left a reply to your post.


  14. Glad that you liked the penguins!


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